Monday, April 16, 2012

*** ** * [...]

Carmen: a figure of intensity with a bit of restraint...

** 12:20AM I had temporary writers block:) Although I'm totally capable to flesh it out i.u.k.w.i.m. I'm going to sleep on it and in general terms try to meter it out somewhat:)

*** I was really going to bed: I realized there's nothing I can say about some things (right now) especially through my blog. If I could only make you smile, so of course I wrote you a poem.

It's my way of imparting warmth.


Off to the pool (a contemplative woww...all day) I'll be swimming in the deep end...maybe stop at 7-11 on the way back... brain as I sigh or is that my heart (?) I hope that makes sense:)

* [at a loss for words - I'm not sure what I'm saying kind of thing...]

Plastic Electro Acid Disco ORIGINAL!

thnks Grisfiskaren

Mary The Muse

Mary the muse
on a shore or a lake
she loves the sunrise
as it rises and bakes...
Clay tablets that form
images and shapes

Thistles and wheat
ingredients they make
She slips her toe
in the fresh water's

Amuse amuse
as I contemplate
I'd bake her a cake and make
funny shapes and use
faerie dust cause a star radiates



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