Friday, May 25, 2012

"Tops" The Rolling Stones


Always tryin' stuff out, I might have to re-visit this concept, and a bit of my experimental wardrobe styling, the heels, that grey thing hangin (dress), I miss that hat. #Imnofashionista: But sometimes I'll find a piece and start wondering how it could be shot and I've always been blessed with adventurous models, Lauren here might have been the most gung-ho that's another of those less-is-more stories;)

The Rolling Stones "Tops"

thnks imaStonesFan

Really? The one with the tri-pod (! ?)... rrr because there are two d.u.k.w.i.m.? If so it's one of those teardrop-laughing at the same time emotions:)

9:20 AM OO-la-la I can go on and on (and no time to edit blah blah blah it looks alright) but I've got to run...I'll save it as an idea for another blogpost:)

Howlin' Wolf - Meet Me In The Bottom

thnks TheQuicksilverdog

TheQuicksilverdog (1 year ago)

He was my favorite. I was blessed with seeing him in a small dancehall called the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco in 1967.

alyssabienka (1 week ago)

originally Delta Bluesman.... Most Of The Greats Came From Good Ole Mississippi



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