Wednesday, May 16, 2012

** * Frank Sinatra part 2

* 10:47AM Astrid post, update - miss kittin / beach volleyball

I've been trying to install more RAM in my MAC ran into some
hicups...i'm using my cell phone. First order of house keeping will
be to delink that Miss Kitten song because somethings are more
important likethat old fashioned stuff, chivalry: Being a gentelman
around ladies... But i'll leave the song title to represent creative
freedom and tieing that into that "not over-thinking" theme. I told my
swim buddy tonight that i used our conversation yesterday, that theme
of over thinking for a blog post. We ended up talking about making
small goals and building up to those big dreams. Of course I was
thinking and doingthat already. It's nice to hear and see those
reminders. These days i'm tempering my inate ways a little with a bit
more forethought. All this writing on my blog has changed me for the
better... I feel like i'm thinking clearer and also i'm "feeling" a
lot of new things which are different then i could have imagined; its
made a world of difference to me, for that i'm greatfull. Good night.

** 11:53AM

'There Are Such Things' - Frank Sinatra (1940)

thanks trooper7h


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