Friday, May 18, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

I'm not some foreign film buff and I kind of didn't like this movie though I'll still randomly watch it thinking I might (now I do;), you have to be in the mood - I think I'll watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith and crash after a few, also since I've seen most of this trying to find pictures... For a minute I thought I knew French but I was just reading the subtitles. Hmm maybe I'll wake-up, I put a movie in because all of a sudden my internet connection got really slow slow - I'm starting to wake-up now - I just remembered i bought a beer (it's like 2 little ones) a Fosters (awh big sigh Australia - - you know, fun in the sun;) ...but then again that might put me right to sleep... Now I'm getting hungry mmm-mm there was a scene a little while ago mashed potatoes and red wine (I thought about getting some of that box red wine and keeping it in my darkroom, just a shot now and then, sometimes it gets hot a beer sounds better; that was my reward last summer for getting it all set-up: the trays, the chems, dusting the negative etc), I'd wait till the first was in the developer and crack open an ice cold one - it was 95 degrees in there (its warm again now) in the dark, red light...) - for some reason that sounds so good, it's like comfort food, I guess.

Actually, that movie sounds like it's going to be noisy; I think I'll just "finish that chapter."

Steely Dan - Peg (With Lyrics)

thanks for the video JaBluRo835

Peg I've seen your picture Your name in lights above it This is your big debut It's like a dream come true And when you smile for the camera I know they're love it I got your pin shot I keep it with your letter Done up in blueprint blue It sure looks good on you So won't you smile for the camera I know I'll love you better Peg It will come back to you Peg It will come back to you Then the shutter falls You see it all in 3-D It's your favorite foreign movie



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