Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I was having a Twitter moment...

[update 10:31PM a little quick on the draw with second song selection, I became enamored w/ Boy George forgot song lyrics; didn't mean "that," and I needed a "2nd cover" to maintain the "beat" of my joking (it's not like I sat here planning a joke, u.k.w.i.m.). I figured I would clarify since I'm fairly specific usually (not every single word of course), and being that thats my kind of thing;)]

...earlier, I couldn't get past the first 69 characters/spaces (yes sometimes I'm ridiculous like that, had to count twice too) was like a psycho-emotional response; it actually took me a couple minutes to compose myself; oh and a picture too, wait a minute, how interesting..

*I love this cover.

Warpaint - Ashes To Ashes (David Bowie Cover)
thanks! dudygee

*This cover too...

Au Revoir Simone - Oh! You Pretty Things
thanks for the vid Izaguirreg2

It's funny what the publishers did on this cover; I'm sure they joked about it and the graphic designers probably thought it was funny too; unless they had no clue about Proust etc. guy or gal (probably smoking) another day just doing job figuring out what font to use... Marcel Proust "Time" magazine (what a riot). I understand, because it's about the same kind of excitement I feel having the violet "proust" font match the flowers. This is turning into lame-comparison-joke Tuesday. OK my precious time is up that I gave myself to write this got to run out the door I know I'm going to have to write about all these pictures this is how it usually goes down nobody sees my lame jokes because I usually edit them out...

* thanks again Ana "Dance Magic Dance" I'd never heard those covers or some of those songs until I heard on your show a couple days ago. ...KZSC every Monday awesome 1-3PM



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