Saturday, March 17, 2012

Steppin' Out...


Steppin' Out

I'm imagining that you might be sitting close to me...

If your feet were on my lap it might seem like I'm ignoring you. First of course you would take off your shoes, but first of course the thought would occur to you. I'm smiling now imagining the intimacy it seems so real; your legs would form a sort of triangle would your mind let go and trust me so, to be the shifting sand? What is the plan, what would we talk about? Perhaps I would awkwardly bring up your shoes, that seems sort of like I'm boring you.

To be so free and buzz like a bee, you'd be talking and maw-king, your heels and bones unconscious toes; I would grab them and cup them with my hand and stretch them by squeezing them so, they would relax. (I know that toes get tense. At the pool I notice as I'm about to push off leaning back, I'll pause and stretch.) You might be talking on the phone or be there with a friend. I might be reading about ducks, or spices - hypothesis. It wouldn't matter (of course) if your feet were awkward or if their sweaty or if your legs weren't gazzellee....

Eventually I would push them down, no that seems too brusk; I would gently lift them and sort of guide them --- to my shins. No I couldn't, I couldn't reach. You would have to want to twist and slide up closer and and try to reach and maybe grab my wrist. I would put my book down for a second and raise my arm and guide you in. I would make sure your comfortable; I'd squeeze you tight and make sure you fit. Your friend(s) might have gotten up or hesitated a bit. It would be quick, but I would take the time it wouldn't be far. The top of your head, I'd move your hair it might tickle my nose; I might have to grab your head a little close. I'd aim for a broad spot and see your nose, try not to sigh and go too far - - - and plant a kiss, on your forehead.

The Cure - The Last Day of Summer

Nico singing Heroes

Joe Jackson - Steppin' Out (1982)



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