Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm So Happy When You're Near + $ cash money at the pool...

[P.S. this started as a quick paragraph and then turned a bit Proustian; well not that long;) ]

[P.S.S. Also, I think I could tell this story in about 1 minute...verbally]

At the pool tonight, I was pretty relaxed and even whistling especially since it was my 3rd hot shower of the day. Every day...home + locker room before/after, I linger too (daydream) it's bad i waste a lot of water, I confess. I guess that's part of the whole "swimming thing" too, ahh hot showers.

I was whistling, there's a bluebird on my shoulder (previous post people, the synth part)..., with my head under the hot air blower, that's so nice too...

I looked over and saw some money, two fives and a one laying on the floor of the locker room.

It was busy,,,I thought two seconds it's gone, nope.

So I pick it up and walk 10 feet to the lockers...(there were 5 people, from where they were standing they could have seen it.)

Maybe it was the tan Pendelton shirt I was wearing and my hat and shoes...and I was so relaxed.

"yo man u drop sum cash?"

Or I could have said all chirpy like...

"hey guys i found some money over there it must belong to one of you guys,,, right?"

Remember I was whistling blue bird...

maybe cuz I waved it sort of gangsta like 2, they thought I was a drug dealer? BTW for the most part bad dudes don't come to this pool...

They just looked at me and shook their heads; seriously these guys were like 18, 19, 20... People joke around a lot, especially at my pool, it's like a happy pool, people do have fun there; and especially the younger people that go there, so I was expecting a, "hell yeah," or "yu found my monie bro, thanks vato" that's what I was expecting. In my mind I was like - what?

I tried. I even lingered a bit... I almost left but waited outside.

"yo man u loosse sum munnie?"

One guys like yeah, he looked tuff too (two guys and a girl). [seriously these kids are cool they fuck around a lot they didn't look up tight or anything, the girl was smiling]

Awh, I guess it was his lunch money or something - seriously though next time he'll be more careful - anyone else it would have been long gone...

"wuts the cereal numba man?" I even said it joking...

He looks at me, I don't know them. [seriously (fuck) you crack a joke, again I was like what???]

"Here is 6 i'm keeping 5"


I paused

[I've come to notice, at the pool, some tough looking kids/guys are actually kind of nice].

I said "that's fucked up man, here you go"

I started smiling and laughing to make him feel better...

Apparently he was looking down and changing when I waved the cash but his friends saw me and didn't say anything when he said I lost some money; and I kept waiting for them any second to look for me, I was around the corner rolling up my towel...I figured it might be their money but I wasn't positive...

I had shaved too (finally). There are lots of clean cut drug dealers and "gangstas" the smart ones anyways don't flaunt it, not that I know any first hand. I guess that hat the shoes and buttoned up Pendelton plus all that swimming added up to an attitude and I was whistling "blue bird" to my self... I'm not mean (at all) but someone a few years ago told me that I do at times "look it" or seem really disinterested... At the time I was more then likely just depressed or being pensive. I don't really fuck with people like that either (maybe for 2 seconds (very lightly) and then give them a break) but these guys were just too "not looking out for each other"...

It's usually pretty quiet but on recreational swim night there are a lot of young people and families and it's usually the same people. It's kind of cool the fact that on weeknights they hang out at the pool, the lap lanes separate the shallow end from the deep where there is a diving board.

This guy I talk too that usually swims laps; he didn't swim at all tonight because he was talking to a girl - the entire time. The last few weeks I've noticed that he's slowly started flirting with her. Most everyone had left the pool, I was about last; they were oblivious, he was treading water and she was holding onto the side. I'm happy for him. And you know what, she is really slender and he is not. I've been giving him dieting tips...a-ha it makes sense why he started asking me all of a sudden and he's been swimming more too and rather fiercely.

I got out of the pool. Sometimes it gets rowdy with the horse play especially in the shower, they bang on the walls "we will rock you" and the shower curtains don't last; it's funnier then hell the jokes they tell and how they talk to and treat each other. I kind of keep my eye on this one kid because he get a bit intense, he's hyper and rather physical about it, essentially a bully. I tried out this mono fin tonight,,,I guess I was being playful too;)

The Shaggs - I'm so happy when you're near

thanks for the vid justaglimmer

The Shaggs

I'm So Happy When You're Near

I'm so happy when you're near
I'm so sad when you're away
I've been happy almost every day
Now that you're here to stay

But when you have to leave
Then I'll start to grieve

Every week you have to go
Every time it's a different road
I never know what to do
I'm so lonesome without you

When you're far away
You are always in my dreams
And when you're home to stay
We make a perfect team

It's so hard to have to wait for you
To ride into the gate
But when you get there
We have many news and feelings to share

I know it has to be
I know it can't be changed
But sometimes I think we are
Completely insane

If we could see each other more
It wouldn't be so bad
If we could only find the open door
We wouldn't be so sad

So until we find the right door
You'll have to leave again
And once more both our lives will be
Very dim


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