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So Vega is a star and also a Swedish built sailboat. Only 3000 were ever built. They don't make them anymore but they have a really good reputation, people swear by them, like the guy I talked to this afternoon.

Craig the man I eventually spoke with, was out-a-ways tied up on a mooring. I saw him tidying up and then get into a small row boat and then he was coming towards me.

Imagine Shaggy from Scooby Do. I asked him what kind of sailboat he had and he told me it was a Vega. He told me they are very seaworthy and dependable and then told me about this man circumnavigating North and South America (right now) in a Vega - by himself - and I think he's handicapped.

Then I asked him what about living on one, you know just as an alternative for a while... He just looked at me and smiled, like I had figured out his secret, and he told me not to think twice...He doesn't live on his but people do. He said sometimes you can buy a boat and get the slip too. Some places have waiting lists etc. He said you can always get a mooring; sometimes it's crowded on the 4th of July etc. every marina is different.

I asked him if, say, you bought one on the Eastern Seaboard, could you find someone to sail it to Europe; he said yeah no problem and said why not go along too... Then he said you can always sell it and buy another boat there. He had lots of ideas, he seemed to be encouraging me. - he said get Latitudes magazine learn to sail it's so much fun.

I'll just take it as a sign. I'll admit it sounds scary crossing the Atlantic in a 27' sailboat - that would be bad-ass though maybe maybe later... Then there is that guy right now and then a few years ago a 13 year old girl almost sailed around the world and then a 16 year old Australian girl and a 17 year old English girl. Sailing across the English Channel and around SF Bay seems a lot less intense then that... I'm going to weigh the Cowboy a bit more closely but now suddenly sailboats are sounding cool.

Ahh rowing to shore for breakfast;) You could get to your destination and have a plan of course ON LAND and to do specific things (you could always take the plane too) but then maybe get there early and just relax, more time to look around, more time looking for that flat etc and not have the pressure. Remember there are rivers and lakes too. It just seems so liberating...

soloing around North & South America right now in a 27' Vega

For sale 27' Albin Vega


For Sale: Albin Vega - Cornwall UK

Arabic word wāqi‘ meaning "falling" or "landing"

"the alighting vulture"

The constellation was represented as a vulture in ancient Egypt, and as an eagle or vulture in ancient India

It's late It's midnight

ok ok I go on-and-on fuck enough about boats

next post finally, land

cure - jumping someone elses train

The Cure - Let's Go To Bed

I don't even remember how the movie ends but I remember watching it as a little kid...

The African Queen (1951)

♫♥♫♫♥♫ SAILING ♫♥♫♫♥♫


CaponeKing (3 years ago)

Shit Brando was good but he could never be as tough as Bogart.

audiovirus7 (2 years ago)

I love this movie. :)


qwertypluss (3 months ago)

matrix is better than this LOL

wrybreadspread (5 months ago)

i like glamor with couples like Rogers and Astaire; and I like adventure with guys like Errol Flynn. I like spectacle with flicks like Gone With The Wind. But there's something about this love story about with a grubby drifter and a spinster. It rules

carpetime (6 months ago)

Great movie, Great inspiration for underdogs



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