Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"An Unwritten Novel" INXS


7:35AM: Around 11 last night I told myself, "why don't you take a little nap?" Laying there I thought: Maybe I won't post this, why relive the past, even if it was just a few days ago? I woke up and had a clearer mind and fine tuned it: Whew..., now, later today I can post that "PSB song" ;) it's nothing heavy, quite funny. But I suppose I could only post (that) after posting this.

This song: It covers all basis, a little bit of that angst, how it was, how it is sort of thing but different now of course...

* btw on the album, Need You Tonight, leads right into Mediate.

INXS - Need You Tonight

thanks RodonTUBE

It was sunny and warm Sunday, as I sat outside to read. I looked through an anthology that has various short stories...

... "That's what always happens! I was heading her over waterfall, straight for madness, when, like a flock of dream sheep, she turns t'other way and runs between my fingers."

Virgina Woolf
An Unwritten Novel

... "He reads Truth. But his passion? Roses - and his wife a retired hospital nurse - interesting - for God's sake let me have one woman with a name I like! But no; she's of the unborn children of the mind, illicit, none the less loved, like my rhododendrons."

Virgina Woolf
An Unwritten Novel

I'm kind of glad I didn't post anything further last night (2 nights ago) because late this afternoon it really sank in...it might sound strange to put it this way but because, "I was living it..." I had copied a few things that you had written in my notebook and thought about it some more throughout the day. It means a lot, I'll write about it (just to get things sorted out) but I think I'll keep those thoughts, tucked away somewhere on a typewritten page i.u.k.w.i.m.

INXS - Mediate

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After that storm, I was praying for rainbows Friday.

Kylie Minogue - "Loco-motion" 1987

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