Thursday, May 10, 2012

* All Things Considered

Teens Seek Sage Advice On 'Ask A Grown Man'

thanks NPR

X: "O" This was so random!!! I've been following this blog Style Rookie, since last summer (I think) and I heard her on the radio,,,Tavi Gevinson! So random! Just now on NPR while I was out doing errands. I couldn't believe it:)

O: That's not s-o-w-e random (your always exaggerating) aren't you always listening to NPR in the afternoon?

X: No way! I was channel surfing and stopped to listen to a Michael Jackson song then switched stations and I had to change lanes... NPR phff, b-o-r-i-n-g, the announcers or journalist always sound so damn monotone or it's sing-song and nuance this, nuance that and they always mention Sri Lanka. Wait maybe that's BBC? I've stopped composting recently, I feel so guilty about it - NPR just reminds me about all that, ya know...

[X likes the composting process, the bugs, decay etc but doesn't have a green thumb (he's thinking he might simply by a couple pots and ready made soil and grow house plants, instead of vegetables (he grew so attached: when after careful tending his asian radishes and white pumpkins didn't grow much, he was crying when he finally pulled them but then got excited when he realized he could throw them in the compost pile;)]

[O knows this fact]

O: [rolling eyes - so stupid it's almost funny can't believe the shit you say kind of expression] That's so dumb...

* It's a pretty song and I did hear it before landing on ATC. Not all the lyrics, of course not XOXOXO the title:)

never can say goodbye-michael jackson & the jacksons R.I.

thanks mdb151

Drill #4: Catch Up Drill

X: See ya later O off to the pool

O: [somewhat sarcastically likes to make fun of X] Don't forget your special shampoo

{I happened to find a bottle it was almost empty so I kept it: California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo & Bodywash No Fragrance - For Babies Kids and Sensitive Adults}


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