Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sleepless Nights

FM Attack - Sleepless Nights

The last few nights (in the middle of the night!) randomly and for instance at 3AM like some scary haunted house movie, the house alarm punch pad would beep incessantly; the power outage shorted something; I finally connected with the alarm technician and two hours later he disconnected the whole thing and told me to call an ATT technician - something with the phone line, this is an old house etc.

This morning I had to get myself into coffee overload then decided to make prints, (it wasn't the coffee, somethings gotten into me it wasn't even 9AM? I'm suddenly "Mr. Productive"); I was just about to lock myself in when he showed up... I should take a nap but I don't want too - I think I'm going to print this picture of the lady fishing: I didn't talk to her she was muttering to herself, squatting right on the water's edge smoking; her car was near by and the the trunk was open.

On the plus side: Yesterday didn't feel like Monday and today doesn't feel like Tuesday. It might be all the heavy duty road construction taking place, things feel different.

The Pretenders - Don't get me wrong

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