Monday, May 7, 2012

Being Boring

4:41 I guess vuvuvuvuvuvuvuvuuvuvuvuvuvuvuv thanks Pacboy2004


thanks DirectorGeuns

4:38 still chewing wondering about this Sebastian track (good for eating sandwich - thinking about it kind of thing...)

4:36 I better hooray vs hurray had to look up

4:34 Eating a mostly peanut butter w/ almond butter and fresh blueberry sandwich.

SebastiAn - Greel

thanks MikalMeteor

4:23 Negatives will be dry by 5:00 so a quick bite 2-1/2 hours before going swimming and then maybe I can get my darkroom ready and make a contact print before I head off to the pool; scan when I get back, they'll be dry.

4:22 I'm wearing the blue bow tie w/ a white t-shirt - it kinda works for me, with a jacket, that would be less stuffy then full collar - hmmm the right kinda function etc.

1:13 One last cup of coffee: last shots on roll: self portrait close-up mirror shot thing, Tuxedo jacket my friend Langley gave me a few weeks ago, found my bow ties not that I really wear them (I've got to air them out - I realized), I think I just like looking at them, I should have taken a picture - ah cell phone pic;) I better get hoppin' if I'm going to develop and then make prints...getting stuff to develop now.

12:41 PM a quick lunch: corn tortillas, avocado w/ a bit of salt, forgot the lime. 9 more shots to finish this roll - random pictures; b&w hopefully I've got all the chemicals.

The Durutti Pet Shop Column - Never Being Boring Is An Abstract Of Expression [Objetmix]

thanks 4 video objet


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