Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Good Nights Sleep (Undercover)

11:20PM (songs) time to count those dream sheep

Factory Girl - The Rolling Stones

thanks MultiRandom32

Coolness: Stones doing political commentary 2 a dub-new wave beat (thnks wiki)- I've always loved the album art 4 undercover - ever since I first saw as a kid.

Undercover Of The Night - The Rolling Stones

thanks Tynorman10

Holy crap! I hadn't realized how much of a "journal-er" I've been, a lot of it is miscellaneous notes too. It had kind of slowed down the last couple years, till recently. [4:32PM I've got to split: I feel like I need to edit this, see it takes energy to write two versions (sometimes thats the case);) (perhaps) think of it as two for the price of one;) French Connection - I'm missing a song...] You've got to massage these things sometimes that's when the good stuff gets written... To be continued...

Last night I was at the pool kicking on my back taking a breather; it felt really good thinking about stuff, it's hard to describe "peace" might come close. Also, it felt good being tired and still getting stuff done; I can usually function on just a few hours of sleep but this was different. I tried shutting off the electricity but it's wired independently.

Moving stuff for the alarm guy yesterday I happened upon a bunch of my notebooks. I looked through them of course and it got me reminiscing. Epic failure epic fun all wrapped into one (it was awesome)...Santa Monica Blvd has a nostalgic place in my heart; the beach on one end, all kinds of stuff in the middle, and studios dive bars and cozy bungalows on the other (thats where I should have looked for bungalows, made more sense, I went west - good deal actually. I can think about it fondly now, for a while I was flinching going anywhere near there; I had done a couple photo shoots and then didn't go back for about 3 years until recently. It's so important and so simple: The one thing that I never got on my last "extended stay" was a good nights sleep. It was an adventure living in my gallery it was like a never ending hang-out (at all hours). I finally couldn't stand it and I got one of those cozy bungalow situations but it was rather impractical being an hour away. The traffic was never an issue because it was always after midnight going and lunch time coming back - I liked the drive.

I'm going to LA soon, one place that I'm going out of way to make specific plans for; appointments and lunch with a friend. It's fun planning: I'm more concerned with what to take - In recent years I've been trying to be super minimal. I was practicing for a while visiting my friend in SF seeing how little I could get away with - it's kind of liberating. I put it to use going to NYC last year - a realization: Having too much white - you have to do laundry or have more clothes.

That bungalow situation was heavenly (putting practicality aside: I might have made better decisions back then If I had something to ground me...), a couch and plants, a little garden and small pond just outside the front door. Coming home to a good nights sleep, that's probably one of the best things ever. Perhaps some nights are extra extra quiet but thats good... Maybe that allows you to be extra high energy during the day and/or maybe when you have to go somewhere (someplace hectic or for enjoyment) knowing that you can find some peace of mind at the end of the day, that dream you can take with you...

One of my "chief concerns" was placing these large speakers up high facing out the window on some random night or on Saturday afternoon when people would line up on the front lawn of the Hollywood Forever cemetery - in the summer they screen movies outside on the wall of a mausoleum. How strange - I never went to see a movie there???

Thanks E.B. for the pictures and the work you did.


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