Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Alphabet and Roger craps jewels that power his spaceship...

[it's 3:15 now, I can't edit it in light of recent developments, i'm besides myself in a good way, I can't even re-read my post right now, I'm just going to watch the Roger videos, maybe I can read {these parts} sigh!!!:) I'm so spazed out about this - its amazing me!!!:) 3:35 it's the best strangest feeling ever...taking a deep breath...]

This writing on my blog (so much) stuff is helping me to organize my thoughts, channel my high energy brain activity which calms me and helping me see new ways of living and approaching's so fun.

Another bloggee metaphor, one day at a time and one post leads to another...

Like the 12th letter of the alphabet comes before "Lucky 13" which got me writing that other post "The Serius Connection" ...

So this 12th letter has me reading and thinking about varied and interesting things - like what your doing while your procrastinating is a clue to what you should be doing with your life...

[I've tried reading through these first few and its kind of "sticky" hard to edit right now but it eventually gets rolling - it started as an outline, turned into a thought experiment that led to an interesting last cup of coffee before I post this]

2:15PM ish ...!!! {it became another thought experiment! w-o-w is an understatement, there just thoughts that can turn into action (just saying), but still WOW...another big sigh}

{ } = {recent entries as of 2:30 pm Wednesday February 22, 2012}

{4:33} updated

A. {A is for...big sigh and my brain is spinning...} My previous post about The Glass Managerie" is one giant metaphor on different levels - but you actually have to read the play. And its sort of about that very thing but there are so many tangents and complimentary angles. There is a reason why Tennessee Williams was Tennessee Williams and in figuring himself out he inadvertently helped a lot of people through his stories...
B. {blow, not cocaine}In the spirit of enjoying life and getting on with things: I might write an essay and pitch it to 19th letter of alphabet sitting around discussing place website, and room in an old house. (or another publication)
C. {can't even write it (now I can), candles, CAKE!} You know, they have quirky yet erudite essays on super contemporary things, they might appreciate this connection thats been made between Procrastination, Pinterest, The Glass Menagerie, Positive Psychology, Happiness and the perils of not acting in your play, or actually following through, writing it and getting it published. Its awesome to build a bridge to the future you just never want to build one that you never cross, sometimes you can get lost too and keep circling back around and then end up jumping off the bridge.
D. {donut as a kind of dessert...cake!} Also, my spastic brain, that I'm learning to put to use can help me play a lot of different "acting" rolls, kind of like Roger and his propensity to roll play...helps find solutions to things.
E. {elated, elephants trumpeting, Dumbo flying / Everything, every day craziness} So I might pitch this new clothing invention to this TV invention show, 17th letter of alphabet which would be perfect for places like Hot Topic (various other places) - kind of like something you would just grab out of a bucket, its small, inexpensive, would come in varied colors etc. its so ridiculous, again something that only Roger could come up with and its ridiculousness is its appeal.
F. {fanatical fun, fantasy, fennel salad!? }I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this but it could be an excuse to meet people, you know for productive ways, 14th letter of alphabet, something I haven't been very good at doing. I need the practice.
G. {gorgeous in every way, I can't even imagine} Clothing item of necessity spawned by my 12th letter of alphabet diet and my not caring to get the actual thing that would actually do the job - its nifty though. An exercise in pitching ideas.
H. {happy, hi! herringbone fishes (me too)} I've had an idea to start a kind of boutique advertising agency, for very very specific projects, more of a conceptual approach but also straight forward; if anything just to get the foot in the door kind of thing or a framework to collaborate. I probably shouldn't categorize as "advertising" because it could be supplementary or complimentary to a lot of different things; sometimes it could just simply exist as a DBA on an invoice, or a tax write off, insurance purposes, or simply an excuse for everything...
I. {in to it, intuition} I've learned from experience that its best to focus on one thing and get really good at it; so I have to be careful and not stray, it would have to eventually be a collaborative effort...sometimes loose, sometimes for a set period, and some cases permanent but always evolving...
J. {joy, jumping, swim to Japan and back, roger sings jolene} I've sort of tried this before it materialized in the form of an art gallery (physical space) but it always struggled to become this other thing and so it was a bit haphazard, I don't want to say the wrong people, probably more "me" ...not being assertive enough or realistic when it counted.
H. {ha ha ha ha! repeat for infinity} I learned the hard way that you don't always need a $4000 dollar gallery space - cool, but also a giant anchor...Being captain I eventually set fire to my pirate ship (it had wood floors, that we were always mopping) I'd like to think it was a raging storm in the South China Sea, full moon and lightning. I love swimming so I've survived, I've been holding on to a plank, I saw clouds and sighted an island, making an oar and a sail....
I. {impossibly infatuated, infinity} I realized that what I enjoyed most were the "ideas" and we could have done a lot of the same cool things working from home or meeting at cafes (we did a lot of that).
J. {jumping jackrabbits, juniper deserts} But you can't always be home and cut-off from the action, thats what I've mostly been doing, lately
K. {killing me:)} But from a positive perspective its been a sort of incubation period
L. {Love, lapping, laugh, lap, late-at-night, languid mornings, languid nights, living-w/u ( I writing this)} But i've been sort of lost and keep returning to the same spot, so now I'm kind of "pushing over the bike" like Roger does (video below), I don't have to be in a metaphorical box, I've been in a real rut but I've realized I can enjoy climbing out of it.
M. {is for Missoula, been there love it want to go back so bad...pls, mornings, moment by moment, memories (new and for always), m-a-r-r-y with two r's (did I really write this did you really just read this!?)} That really "being myself" is the best solution to my problems; real or unreal.
N. {nostalgia for coffee, nopales grow on cactus, nap of fabric, nap, taking one, Napoli, It.} This "blogging effort" this past month and a half or two is like a be yourself metaphor
O. {that "O", donuts, OB/Gyn (bold of me huh!!!? really bold of YOU actually;)} its a cliche but I suppose i've never had to push the boundaries of "being yourself" for something that, means so much to me...
P. {pears, cactus fruit, pears North West, pears Anjou France, P-L-E-A-S-E! :)} I've always risked it but its tended to backfire on me - Roger is always risking it and he fails sometimes but he learns something or he comes to realize that one thing out of his crazy effort that mattered the most, because he's honest (and its usually the craziest thing but Roger is always very sweet even though sometimes its vulgar)
Q. {q-tips in the bathroom;), quality time, quiet, quixotic} I'm going to stop talking about it so much and just do it (I don't really have a problem with that)
R. {Rest, resting, relaxing, ready or not, romance doesn't do it justice, radio astronomy, "...really did i write this!?"} This is my outline or that, now-and-again assessment. I'm ending on "R" in honor of Roger - ending on "R" - "It really just happened like that..." - That's what I want to say (someday).


Steve Smith: [talking about the cool things a video game alien can do] Oh... um... sorry, Roger
Roger the Alien: No, no, you said it. It's out in the open. We have to live with it now.


Steve Smith: Seriously, can't you do *anything*?
Roger the Alien: I can get my feelings hurt and throw a world-class hissy fit!


Roger: [after getting a faceful of cocaine] I AM INCREDIBLY FOCUSED RIGHT NOW!

Steve and Haley rapture(American Dad)

Roger - The finger pyramid of evil contemplation [Sub Italian]

Stan... Yes to these?

American Dad - Roger - I Dreamt Of Paris Again Last Night

Roger makes it rain

Roger's cheque book

jenga test engineer

Roger Pushes Over Bike

American Dad Jolene

and last but not least!

- It starts in "Homeland Insecurity", when Roger reveals that he poops golden, jewel encrusted turds.

- the Golden Turd turns up again in "Rapture's Delight" when Jesus returns it to Roger who needs it to power his space ship in an effort to escape Earth during the final battle between the forces of good and evil. But first, Jesus needs Roger to fly himself and Stan to the United Nations Building in New York to fight the Anti-Christ.

American Dad: The Golden Turd Saga


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