Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Starting Now: 1:15 min of typing before swimming

But first a PSA of sorts...

Some "abstract thoughts" that have popped into my mind...

You can learn balance in a swimming pool.
I think I would be a good teacher since I've been working on my technique obsessively. I'd go all out with an admissions process, perhaps even give out a need based scholarship. But really I would rather just swim; so yes a bit selfish with the teaching thing; it would be hard to take on students, since I'd rather spend time roaming around and finding new and interesting places. Maybe I'll try this teaching-swim-drills-thing once and see how it goes.

Good technique starts with a strong core which helps with balance (easier said then done)...when you feel like a gyroscope thats the sweet spot of swimming.

Also, tiptoeing from the showers to the pool is dangerous - I pretend that I'm a duck and put my weight on the ball of my foot and spread my toes a little bit. I don't worry about slipping because I feel like I can catch myself.

I've got to randomly start doing these again...

Ab Exercises: The Plank

I declare this to be the most "relaxing" swim drill video ever.

Freestyle drills and technique - Sculling and recovery
thanks ahowe77

what is this



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