Thursday, February 23, 2012

Breaking the 4th wall again for a minute...

I tried to make the midnight deadline to post (what I'm still typing)...I was absorbed, I thought I could finish and it passed and then it was 1am and then now...

"I was looking for you" I thought you might have gone to sleep early :

I read and reread what I had written earlier - I kinda wanted to let that one linger before getting covered by this other post... "it's a capsized ship"

The previous post (I've been smiling all afternoon) actually gave me strength to tackle this other one.

Also, it's so much about me I wasn't sure it was appropriate to dedicate - now I think it is, because there are so many more sweet memories then bad ones...

Its an epic post I hope that somewhat makes up for anything - I should have typed this sooner...

OMG you got me now, how can I top myself, make up for not slipping in one more late night... :)

I know you will believe me when I say that I would treat every day like it was your birthday, or a holiday - just normal, you know, "just another day." ;)

I know you do - right? :)


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