Monday, March 5, 2012

American Cancer Society Simple

[update 3:01PM song explanation inside bag]

I spied some black tuxedo shoes shiny but fairly minimal on tip and broken up with a tight parallel vertical texture...

hmmm they fit. Then a lady told me they looked really nice, like they were for dancing...

Then I found a white Robert Talbott sort of implied herringbone cufflink shirt...

I'd wear it loose no cufflinks either

I feel summer approaching so I got them.

[for tea at 3 type thing]

When I was paying the lady asked me if I was going to something formal.

I'm all no, I'm going to wear them with my white culottes.

[Guess women's fit snug fit perfect got them in NYC]

She looked at me.

I said when it's hot.... You know like the 17th century.

[when it's 110% humidity and your me they make total sense]

I didn't tell her that, I stopped at 17 century

[No socks either I've got skinny calves sometimes you've got to flaunt it]

Wiki i've always wondered "they were originally meant to facilitate movement on fishing boats and sailing ships."

I guess this song is how I feel wearing an outfit like this because the pockets are shallow - cell phones - keys - you don't want to carry anything in your hands if you can help it ok my black bag because camera and swimming [hmm maybe some different top for evening, really light loose and because maybe you've been sweating can't go home; rrr maybe a wife beater, i better work out]...Awh damn! humid summers can u get here sooner...


MajesticDevon (3 years ago)

This song makes me wanna not give a fuck about things other than it.

jjyonke (7 months ago)

I fucking love this song.

raabche (9 months ago)

i will have a mini lawn chair in the air.

treebrain (1 year ago)

Ich liebe Siriusmo.


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