Sunday, April 29, 2012

Emily Rose

Yesterday I picked up my roll of film from last weekend.
My new ATT internet modem is defective, it cuts out every two or three days, then it takes hours to cycle back on. Thank god I had borrowed some movies from my friend Albert; Trainspotting and The Exorcism of Emily Rose. I don't actually have a dish hookup in my room good thing because I might inadvertently watch Jersey Shore for hours or Ice Loves Coco (I've actually only seen one episode where she is diagnosed with high cholesterol, I'd watch it again).

I like borrowing movies from my friend Albert because he has movies that I wouldn't typically see, (because the box covers suck), so sometimes I trust his "curating" and randomly (sort of) grab something. My friend is pretty much a carbon copy of that French actor Jean Reno, (in The Professional) I always thought that and even mentioned this to him years ago, then I started borrowing movies and noticed he has more then one Jean Reno movie;) Yeah, so once I borrowed "Wasabi" not something I would typically rent, mystery crime story takes place in Japan.

I've written two or three other outlines but before I left it occurred to me that he might appreciate this particular one page treatment that I wrote "Shanghai Surprise." He did, he was the perfect test audience. I told him that I've been researching and realized I inadvertently wrote a "pilot" - I told Albert that if I had ever taken a writing class I would have dropped out because of the explanations: It's the beginning of a story but it has to have a beginning, middle, end, story movement, protagonist that resolves a problem, character moments, anticipation, satisfying closure because it's a stand alone episode, but it still has to allude to a bigger story etc etc. fuck!

I told Albert (he taught me how to develop negatives) photography is still number one but for some reason I find it easier networking as a writer, even just starting out. I told him my modus operandi is to be Roger Smith, and that one of his goals as a photographer would be to work his way through "x.x.x." list. It's all related, it's relatively local... Albert has seen this all before (he's up to date on all technical web and design stuff, when I add HTML break tabs on blog posts I think it's a big deal;)) . I've slowly realized that I tend to do everything ass backwards like designing an advertisement for a gallery exhibit, coming up with a name and then thinking it's so cool - why not? It gets me excited.

I think I'll pop in Emily Rose like I've got cable in my room and i just randomly came across.

Just randomly remembered this song I posted once with a picture because I got a little bit of sweat highlights;) - I love the chorus it's like a teen coming of age story.

Oingo Boingo Sweat lyrics


The cool boys bit the dust
They couldn't take the pressure
The cool girls got knocked up
They only wanted to have fun
(Where did they go?)
They fell in low and suffered
(Where did they go?)
They picked up guns and hammers
(Where did they go?)
Without friction there's no heat
WIthout heat there's no fire
Without fire there's no desire
You're making me hot, hot, hot, hot!

Thanks you AraMiraBlack


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