Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Teddy Bears



Mmm-mm I just made some miso soup and added udon noodles. I've been wanting to make miso paste from scratch, red miso, something hardy, I actually have some Koji starter. I've had it for a while, I think it's still good I've had it in the fridge. What's been stopping me is not having the right kind of receptacle like a clay pot or small wooden barrel (thing), so it will store properly for the fermentation to take place, (protein break down enzymes to develop etc.). Miso paste,,,damn that's esoteric, takes a while too perhaps before that I could learn too home brew some beer, I think thats quicker too, gives you a buzz.

Toto - Africa

Teddy Bears - Punk Rocker

thanks for the vid-e-o mythosum



1 + 1 = ;)


"Teddy Bears" I don't name pictures very often but back when I took this that's how I described them (to Chris in fact). The nicest guys, I talked to them and got their email and sent them a file. I think I'll make them a print, maybe I'll tone it too, perhaps a warm red/brown.

ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) - Last Train To London

thanks 4 the vid rormeno


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