Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm old fashioned...

This is pretty cool about O.W. art history thing. Also, to pre-load that PSB video with excuses - it's not so outrageous, it's a pretty song, I'd never heard it until a couple days ago...

Neil Tennant about Oscar Wilde

thanks funnycat197

...I love the melody, always, just before the chorus and the lyrics at the end....rrr, other lyrics;) and I post more music videos and monkeys are cute:) :) :) and I think they like to dance;)

Pet Shop Boys - Call me old fashioned

thnks tonety76

Really old fashioned


Commendatory Verses.

To the lerned Shephheard. Edmund Spenser

Fayre Thamis streame, that from Ludds stately
Runst paying tribute to the Ocean seas,
Let all thy Nymphes and Syrens of renowne
Be silent, whyle this Bryttane Orpheus playes:
Nere they sweet bankes, there liues that sacred
Whose hand strowes Palme and neuer-dying bayes,
Let all at once, with thy soft murmuring sowne
Present her with this worthy Poets prayes.
For he hath taught hye drifts in shepeherdes
And deepe conceites now singes in Faeries deedes.


Graie Muses march in triumph and with
Our Goddesse here hath given you leaue to land:
And biddes this rare dispenser of your graces
Bow downe his brow unto her sacred hand.
Desertes findes dew in that most princely doome:
So did that great Augustus erst in Roome
With leaues of fame adorne his Poets hedde.
Faire be the guerdon of your Faery Queene,
Euen of the fairest that the world hath seene.




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