Monday, April 23, 2012

"Put on a gown that touches the ground..."

Yes, you are right, this is perfect and strangely somehow the timing too (how does this happen?); it gave me the perfect excuse to post what I posted below this. ["yes to this" but it was also alluding to something else...ayaya;)] So just a quick peck on the cheek before bed (or in the morning when you wake). An early night so to speak, I'm just posting this quickly and then getting "to work" on some creative writing. Strangely this notebook page ties in (funny just now, I decided not to post the notebook page because I was trying to read it and it's too much, it was like a preview but it's enough to just mention talk around it): I was at the library earlier and something I just happened to read in the NYT magazine (assuming this past weekends) about an actress struck a chord - I think I'm going to work on something she mentioned...(these music videos still allude to something she wants to be part of...).

There is another light and easy post that I put together about the awesome weekend but for part of that post (the last little bit) to work it makes sense to post this one first. Yes, there is a loose crazy framework that keeps the corners square - The House of the Seven Gables if you will (it will still make sense).

I love this song, it's sort of spooky, thematic in that regard and cause I posted once before (and that's inspiring some further writing).
David Bowie - See Emily Play
thanks beeb1992

I love this one too especially for the "spookiness factor" rrr but especially the spookiness of the video;) and ridiculously also simply because of the title;)


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