Monday, April 30, 2012

C & H like the sugar;)

Aww Chris and his dad and Lilly and RA-OOL

"I was thrown for a loop," late last night, what resulted, a spontaneous bit of attempted "comedy writing" (probably funnier acted out as a short skit;) after coming home late, freeway driving at night and drinking too much coffee kind-of-thing...

C & H like the sugar;)

C & H like the sugar;) update 10AM needs a "rewrite" probably funnier acted out;) too much coffee after driving late at night, this actually happened though - albeit a tad exaggerated;)

I'm pretty sure C's gf H, doesn't look at my blog or else I wouldn't even dream of posting this bike picture... The color on his break hoods got washed out because of lens flare, they're pink too; if I actually owned Photoshop and was adept,,,well I would do my best effort, it would probably be just a quick pink brush stroke; even if it was messy, it would at least show that some small token effort was made. At the races, some guys sitting next to us commented on his bike, how that was brave of him - "to have pink accents." I quickly came to C's defense and said hey, it's like "a soft, off-lavender..."

Unbeknownst at that moment, but that might have opened a can of worms and caused some trouble for C: Those guys off-colored remarks and my quick defense... I'm worried now for Chris - because afterwards I was walking next to H and C was in front of us and I mentioned how he needed a tan, I couldn't figure it out with all the bike riding...I'm going to get him some tanning lotion, Chanel - I really need to hang out with him more often. Maybe she's been hinting at this too? OMG!!! Maybe he's not listening very well to his GF? Because she quickly followed up with an - I keep telling him that if he doesn't get a pink jersey I'm not going to come see him race. He wears a really practical "techy" jersey, ventilation and so forth; she kind of ho-hummed this line of reasoning :/ I was thinking uh-oh, shit! Chris was walking in front of us so I couldn't gauge his reaction. Maybe she was bringing this up in front of me thinking I might straighten him out. W.A.F.F. sigh ? It's probably up to me now to save his sorry butt, probably just as pale as his legs; maybe we should go to a beach instead, do the sunbathing bit. [to be continued...]

[It's taken me an hour to realize that I hadn't typed anything;) ]

Woww --- thanks Rod, I like this coming of age story (in your song)...I'm worried about Chris though... D.T.G.H.! (Damn those gear heads) :|
Rod Stewart - Young Turks LYRICS
thanks BenderPictures

Later that night at the campsite, dancing, woo-hoo - partee! But I think she was saying didn't you hear William's quick recommendation Giro D'Italia leaders jersey - it's all pink;) This bit of writing above - exaggerated-kidding - a pink wool jersey would be look nice though, I have to agree Chris:)

thanks Steveuk17


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re:tan. i'm working on it. c.

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