Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Side Bar

Side Bar, is the name of the bar in The Exorcism of Emily Rose, it's where the attorneys meet afterwork to socialize. Yellow note pads while drinking martinis and maybe some side deals struck - a manslaughter plea agreement for the priest in the movie; no way, he want's a jury and the world to hear Emily's story, even if that means prison time.

This reminded me of a legal question that I posed to a friend, wether or not you could combine two different ideas to create a third and if that would be considered something new or original. The answer was yes (I'm not trying to make a technical or legal point) but it was rather obvious to begin with because it's simply how our brains work, how nature works if you will.

So that's how it goes, two ideas sometimes become a third and so forth. We do this all the time - it's the thought that counts... I've gone through the trouble of describing this because late this afternoon I was thinking about something like that and some tears started to well up, and for once it felt really good.

It's all very special but for some reason this one thing in particular struck that chord.   It had become one of those forgotten dreams and I had only casually mentioned it because it occurred to me in the moment. I'm being vague - but if you can imagine all the passion I felt for this and so long ago, it's an epic thing the struggle, it's beautiful but also vain, it can represent a lot of what we go through, even failure; and it had almost been forgotten. And then imagine all of that, those feelings, those dreams rushing back distilled into something else...that simple thought and action; even if it wasn't meant to be that, it still meant that to me in a strange way, it's a strange feeling how all that works - Father Moore would call it soul.

Neil Young - After The Gold Rush
thanks RockkkV2

P.S. And Father Moore, I think I, "found-religion;)" (yesterday). That's got to be the worst dumb ass pun if it could even be called one, but still d.u.k.w.i.m.?

P.S.S. I had some technical difficulties last night just as I was going to post this; then it came back on and I managed to peak at something and then back off. In general i've been reigned in and it's been good because I've realized I've had more time to reflect. It's been nice watching (better then T.V.) too, like yesterday...I was like, wow,...enjoying a bowl of rice crispies...


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