Monday, March 5, 2012

Loco en la cabesa... further affirmation

[update 6:45 am]

yeah so I wrote this at 3ish laying in the bow of a boat...

then realized I had to switch my internet modem and wait till 10.

A friend sent me this video...

wow so succinct just a link - i can be that way too, see the part I circled;) Of course i have to copy everything else [it helps me]

Phil Collins: Easy Lover

Hey Chris not sure but u must be reading my blog recently about sailing and boats and England and stuff? That video has a nice shot of the river Thames that's cool... Circumnavigating the globe can be dangerous - (music video thing) I know your not as well practiced as me but I got to say that's pretty good and yes that song has some truisms, rough weather can capsize boats, break masts, even sink etc...

/// /// ///

Yeah so I wrote something about being self conscious because I started writing some stuff about being in that boat and I had just posted something just a bit earlier, I think I had a lot of coffee too...

It's as simple as wanting to share, it make me feel better just be able to do that.

Then I realized that the internet was going to be down for several hours. I had a little bit of anxiety for a couple minutes but then I felt alright because I just pretended like this is how it might be if for instance, I was "overseas" on a "business trip," or vice versa or even simpler basic normal day to day stuff, being apart for what ever's just that right now; well perhaps this text to a friend says it best, something like..last I saw you I was on another planet, then I said another galaxy now I'm in another dimension... I know it won't be so intense like this (for me) all the time I know it kind of changes...I think I wrote about that once, seems like a long while back now... And it is now in another dimension - wow, keeps getting better.

So "this" is like practice for those times (definitely)...

Like the part I circled it's nice to know that........

But I realized something: It's more symbolic but I'm giving back what I took back the other night,,,,this blogging stuff does have a lot of meaning, perhaps not many people could understand that (ironic huh no internet connection for a while and that's my conclusion,,,I'm hoping for more direct lines of communication in the future;). It made me think again about how much it all means to me (again)... be there for each other when it truly matters.

[and i just looked at the lyrics that would make me a Pekinese (awesome)]

Emotional Rescue
I want to be the girl in this song, like more towards the middle, (something like that) I like to role play;) oh yeah by six I was at the library by myself trying to concentrate but then got distracted for a minute...


Totally Whacked!

P.S. I do want to be there for "everything" u.k.w.i.m

P.S.S. I fancy myself reading the book in this song rrr I like the sitting in a robe part second verse

Rolling Stones - Where The Boys Go


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