Thursday, May 3, 2012



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girls night w/o maple donuts

girl nags "we oughta make donuts"

girl naps while other makes donuts

The Police - Man in a Suitcase

thanks thesmallaxe5


X: I like the ladies voice on the P.A. system, it's nostalgic reminds me of traveling

O: Yeah, me too, is she saying "attention attention..." ? - train station, sounds echo-ee, I think that's what makes it sound nostalgic. Could this be in Italy?

O: O: O: Weren't you looking for that song, when they mention Firenza in the winter?

["O" is looking at "X", trying to think of that song, tip-of-the-tongue expression]

X: Yeah, you mean this isn't it? I thought it was.

X: O come on, I count on you for this type of thing...

X: This is silly, it's getting late

O: Your the one who wanted to play this game; your "crazy way" of planning our trips - [X: smile kind of drops thinking O was getting mad] Oh come on, I put up with you all the time [exasperated] you know I love you [rolling eyes] let's find that song and go to bed.

X: Aae, Bee, CEE [memory remembering trick A = apple, aardvark sigh etc...]

O: I got it already - [makes exasperated sound] pfff... o.k. let's play the letter is "F"

[X: is thinking...]

O: [rolling eyes] come on - feathers!

[X: gets a mischievous look in eyes, thinking "O" wants to play "that" game "feathers"...]

O: no, come on, I've got a head ache...sorry that was vague - I should have said B - bird...

{Midnight: scheduled power outage - road construction}

X: [suddenly impatient attitude] Just tell me already!

O: [glaring. on her back laying in bed staring at ceiling, she quickly turns to her side and pulls the blanket up covering the side of her face] Uh! your snapping at me!? - just cause I said I have a head ache, [slightly muffled from under the blanket] I do now, you blew it...)

X: [sulks, slips head phones on and turns off light]

the police - canary in a coalmine thanks flexiblepeanuts

O: [snaps] turn it down

X: [waits too long to respond - seems contrived now - sheepishly] thanks for the donuts

{FYI: I thought it was earlier:) I was lifting weights after dinner (which I never do) I always procrastinate when it comes to other forms of exercise other then swimming; I have a "heavy bag" boxing thing too (recent) - I'm so vain, trying to look pretty;) - I need to start using conditioner or start brushing my hair (chlorine doesn't help and my hair has always been straight, oily and thin (attractive sounding huh? actually the chlorine helps with that, it tends to dry and bleach out your hair) I've never been able to "comb it"), or something because I'm getting those pillow-dreads. P.S. not receding but thin on top (thanks mom), I think I can pull-off that slicked back look (not all the time) because thats what I do at the pool... In my Speedos: I should start smoking, or carry a pack and the financial times (pink) or weeks old Italian paper (pink) and do that oily tanning thing - I should lift more weights, so I can pull that off good;) Also, maybe some obviously-masculine tattoos, cause I was comparing with one of the lifeguards, (I was explaining) he was giving me that "ok?" look - we achieved some kind of parity, when he admitted it was the name of an ex-girlfriend on his left wrist. Oh and he had "831" on his ring finger - area code - eight letters, three words, one person.}


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