Sunday, May 6, 2012

(\___/) ( - . - ) o_(")(")

12:41 PM a quick lunch: corn tortillas, avocado w/ a bit of salt, forgot the lime. 9 more shots to finish this roll - random pictures; b&w hopefully I've got all the chemicals.

1:13 One last cup of coffee: last shots on roll: self portrait close-up mirror shot thing, Tuxedo jacket my friend Langley gave me a few weeks ago, found my bow ties not that I really wear them (I've got to air them out - I realized), I think I just like looking at them, I should have taken a picture - ah cell phone pic;) I better get hoppin' if I'm going to develop and then make prints...getting stuff to develop now.

Sleepy Baby Bunny

thanks aftertherainrabbitry

Tempted but I avoided the coffee this time around;)got a cup-o-noodle instead at a gas station convenience store... I cut my hair, feels better it was getting rather ratty - I should pop into the shower and get the sand out of my hair - in fact I will:]

Then maybe I'll finish watching this documentary of M. Night Shyamalan, the Johny Depp part is great, he kinda ripps M. Night a bit - you know, that director The Sixth Sense (I've actually never seen the whole thing)... I better take that shower now, because I'm falling, falling asleep;)

Wile E. Coyote

thanks for the vid modestos1991



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