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Dima (Vitalic) - Dead Aim

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Steve Carlisle - "WKRP in Cincinnati" Full Version

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Not that anything is particularly new today, i've settled int the routine of coffee and some kind of bread Listened to the radio AM radio talk about politics and injusticed injustices sprinkled in with some humor.
I've got a couple things on my mindmas this weekend its kinda annoying. The pressure of buying presents - i'm just going to focus on stocking presents I really just want to lock myself in the bathroom and make prints all day Its fun a quite satisfying to look at the prints the next morning after they've dried overnight. Back to my story: Audrey and Barbara and Frank I t Frank i think? Its been a week and have forgotten his name. They where throwing a shindi shindig at their apartment because finals where finally over; Audrey and Frank came up with an idea to extort businessmen a sex then blackmail trap, they don't nescisarrily have to be millionaires fairly well off so that they could afford a few thousand dollars as hush up money. They decide to tell Barbara about (actually i got the names backwards) Barbara and Frank decided to tell Audrey about their idea late in the eveing when things where winding down. She had to go along with th their plan they've always been really clos4e ding everything together i mean everything;0 :)
This is not a porno though its sounds like it has potential for ??
In all honesaty thoughs vivid pornos back in the day with all the glamorous locations and plot twists whre really fucking annoying pun intended it was refreshing when the gonzo series started to come appear as a reaction or low-budget necessity just streight fucking and getting on with it no pretentions or trying to tell astory just a couch or a bed and dicks and pussies. I use to work in a video story store actually it was a good story seeing the same regulars come and go and a and our little crew. I use to like working with this cut girl but she was oh so pretentious.

Dima (Vitalic) - Soaked

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Vital-Ferox - Slerotika

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Blondie - Bermuda Triangle Blues (Flight 45) - Live 9.21.1977 - Old Waldorf SF

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Gipsy Kings - Djobi Djoba

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Autoclave-I'll Take you Down

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Could Jeff Taylor and all Republicans be going to Hell?

Jeff Taylor for Congress post election fundraising letter:

"For God so loved the world He sent His one and only son to save us – from what? I believe it is from tyranny and evil actions of men that have plans of control and profit, by way of dividing and concurring."

"Men that have plans of contral and profit..." Huh - sounds like a Republican to me.

and more from Taylor's fundraising/thankyou letter

"The most important idea that I believe we overlook is that our freedoms come from God. He wants us to choose Him and to be apart of His family. He shows us what family looks like, feels like and acts like throughout His Word."

Would Jesus support "for profit" health care and the real "death panels" the health insurance companies? Sarah Palin (unless she repents of course) is surely going to hell, for hoodwinking the ignorant and uninformed by twisting things around and upsidedown like the cross of Satan.

Bearing in mind Rev. 22:18-19,
V. 18 "I testify to everyone that hears the words of the prophecy of this book, If anyone shall add to them, God shall add to that person the plagues that are written in this book: V.19 And if any one shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away that person's part out of the Book Of Life, and out of the Holy City, which are written in this book."
The emphasis in V. 18 of adding to, and V. 19 of taking away is indeed a dire warning.
However, when the motive of the writer or reader is pure before God Almighty, i.e. only to attempt to understand the Truth of God's Word, then there is nothing to fear. The warning is given because demonic and satanically inspired people will try to pervert the words, for many and varied purposes, all of which are anti-God and anti-Christ.

So if "Repbulicans" don't go to hell for screwing with scripture, and manipulating Christianity to further their ends, then they surely should for denying legislation to provide medical coverage to first responders on Sept. 11 - and this is not the first time.

GOP Filibuster Defeats 9/11 Responders Bill in the Senate New York Magazine by Stephanie Vallejo

GOP Filibuster Defeats 9/11 Responders Bill in the Senate
12/9/10 at 11:03 Legislation to provide medical coverage to first responders on Sept. 11 has pretty much lost its last chance to pass this session, in what Mayor Bloomberg has declared “a tragic example of partisan politics trumping patriotism.” Senate Democrats made an attempt to begin debate on the $7.4 billion bill with a procedural vote, but they didn’t have the 60 that they needed to beat the Republican filibuster. If you’re the glass-is-half-full type, focus on supporters who say they might try to bring the bill forward again before the year’s out, or sneak it through in other legislation. Oh, Congress. [CNN]

I've been reading this book and in particular the chapter "Hell Hath No Fury" on
the fundamantilist movement which had its hey-day in the early 20th century, prohibition in the 20's and a peak in the 1950's

Why Americans Hate Politics E. J. Dionne, Jr.

Jeff's Post-Election Letter to Supporters
By morgan Taylor, on Nov 19, 2010
Dearest Family, Friends and Supporters,

I have a lot I would like to share though will continue to prayerfully par my comments to a minimum. My most important post-election thoughts have been about how thankful myself and my family are with all the volunteer spirit and support we received; I felt the hand of God in most everything we did.

Because I got caught up in the conventional wisdom of radio and TV political advertising, I allowed us to get slightly off course when we invested more financial resources into these media outlets than we raised, and it got expensive fast. However, the election night turn out would not have been any different if I had spent 2-3 times more or stayed on course with God’s wisdom, which was to spend very little to no money at all. His direction was, and still is, to network through the faith community, to increase the voter registration and to mobilize His people (children) to serve the community in extraordinary ways that would turn the hearts of His creation (children) back to Him and His ways!

In going forward, I have been called to continue on the path God has laid for me - to bring everyone together under a united banner of thought, which in turn will awaken the unbridled spirit of Hope, Faith and Love.

For God so loved the world He sent His one and only son to save us – from what? I believe it is from tyranny and evil actions of men that have plans of control and profit, by way of dividing and concurring. I proclaim that our forefathers lived under such tyrannies and read and studied other nations, republics ect. before they claimed freedom from these forms of tyranny and established the more perfect union of a National Republic of the then 13 colonies/states. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness; each and every person would have the opportunity and the ability to be free to express himself and to prosper for themselves and their future generations.

The most important idea that I believe we overlook is that our freedoms come from God. He wants us to choose Him and to be apart of His family. He shows us what family looks like, feels like and acts like throughout His Word. God embolden our forefathers to sacrifice their lives, families and fortunes to create this More Perfect Union that He would Reign through us (His children and His family). Let us stand up and be courageous; let us join together and work in unison to continue to build what our forefathers had started – The Shining Beacon on the hill that all nations transformed themselves to become – Our United States of America.

We have not been the best example of Hope, Faith and Love, though I know that if we repent, renew and reclaim we can turn this country around and become that Shining Beacon with God at the Helm through us, His people.

In closing I have some requests: First, we are several tens of thousands of dollars short of closing our financial commitments for the campaign. I have already paid all these expenses, but if a spirit of giving to support our efforts to unseat Sam Farr encourages you, I would appreciate any additional financial support. Additionally, I would like to acknowledge all of you on a personal basis for your generous giving to our campaign. Whether it was financial, emotional, or volunteer support, Thank You All Immensely!

Second, we are regrouping and going to develop working committees around California’s Central Coast. We know that this is a long-term commitment with some short-term strategies for success in 2012. We would like your prayers, revelations, evolvement and financial commitment – whichever or all you can commit. We are looking at a weekly paper/communication, speakers, and partnering and programming for our local community. We will not be overtly Christian, although we will be Christ-like! Our primary focus will be to endorse and campaign the ideals of Family, Unity, Education and Freewill/Freedom!

God Bless You All Richly, and my aspiration is that we bless Our Creator.

In God We Trust,

Jeff Taylor

I normally don't bother reading political junk mail and maybe thats the problem (in general) that people are not informed or don't care and/or don't think critically. After discussing this letter with a Republican friend of mine, while in the kitchen having just made coffee, I tore it up and threw it in the trash not wanting to deal with it then I heard the news about Republicans fillibustering the 911 first responders health care bill and it just got my ire! I dug through the trash twice because it got thrown away again while it was drying.

This is not the first time that the Republican Sentate has denied this Health Bill for the 911 first responders...they did so back in August as well.

Anthony Weiner Rips Apart Republicans on 9/11Health Bill

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Refference Link:
Anthony Weiner blog post August 2010 Brooklyn (Owes The Charmer Under Me) - Steely Dan

Anthony Weiner Rips Apart Republicans on 9/11 Health Bill

Revelations warning on interpretation of scripturea

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Florian Von Donnersmarck The Tourist

Florian Von Donnersmarck new movie The Tourist opens this week - Charlie Rose interview

Christopher Kelly at the Fort Worth Star Telegram tells it how it is...

Don't visit this Jolie-Depp 'Tourist' trap
By Christopher Kellya

"Directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, taking a radical step backward from his Oscar-winning debut The Lives of Others, The Tourist illustrates what happens when you cast two giant, self-orbiting stars and then are either too intimidated or too confused to actually direct them."

Rob Viris at Variety side steps, being in LA i guess he might run into these people hahaha:)

A glamorous 'Tourist' camp
Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp hit premiere for thriller
By Rob Voris

Florian Henckel Von Donnersmarck Talks with Charlie Rose
Director Florian Henckel Von Donnersmarck discusses "The Lives of Others" and the story he wanted to tell in the film.

My obsession with this must be my dissapointment; Florian Von Donnersmarck directed such a poignant film "The Lives of Others" and won an Oscar.


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Men At Work - Overkill (1983)

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Strawberry Field Nov. 2010 Salinas California methyl bromide underneath that plastic soon to be methyl iodide that is upwind from and surrounds on three sides, The Gavilan View Middle School. This is where your Smuckers jam and your strawberry shortcake filling come from. I believe this field is being planted by "Coastal" Coastal Berry Company, Llc.

Earlier today on the

KRXA Morning Show , Hal and his weekly guest state assemblymember Bill monning where discussing the Methyl Iodide controversy...

Huffington Post: Methyl Iodide Controversy: Warning About Strawberry Field Chemical Ignored

AllBusiness has profiles of 33 companies in Strawberry Farming - Watsonville, California. Taken together these companies have estimated annual sales of $38,162,000 and employ an estimated 897 people.

Top Employers
1.T T Miyasaka Inc
2.Uyematsu Inc
3.Coastal Berry Company, Llc
4.Uyeda Farm
5.Guy George
6.Sakai, Yutaka
7.F & S Kajihara, Inc
8.Larse Farms, Inc
9.Jose Richard
10.Kobara Farms, Inc
11.P&K Farms
12.Roldan Ramirez
13.Clint Miller Farms Inc
14.Marquez, Cosme
15.Tsukiji Farms
16.Sundance Berry Farm Llc


Anne Clark Full Moon (authorised original version)

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September 2009


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Germany 1991

Paula - Als es passierte (Andreas Dorau remix

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My son watches quentin tarantino's death proof just about every day - before that it was Descent; he recreates the scenes with his "club members"...

He was unimpressed by these Cadillacs, the day before we checked out the new Dodge Challengers - pretty cool - but he'll settle for a 97 Honda Civic hatchback, a red one, thats the kind the girls are driving in the movie, hahaha

The Smiths - Frankly, Mr Shankly (Rare live version 1986)

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Pet Shop Boys - Here

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