Monday, April 30, 2012

C & H like the sugar;)

Aww Chris and his dad and Lilly and RA-OOL

"I was thrown for a loop," late last night, what resulted, a spontaneous bit of attempted "comedy writing" (probably funnier acted out as a short skit;) after coming home late, freeway driving at night and drinking too much coffee kind-of-thing...

C & H like the sugar;)

C & H like the sugar;) update 10AM needs a "rewrite" probably funnier acted out;) too much coffee after driving late at night, this actually happened though - albeit a tad exaggerated;)

I'm pretty sure C's gf H, doesn't look at my blog or else I wouldn't even dream of posting this bike picture... The color on his break hoods got washed out because of lens flare, they're pink too; if I actually owned Photoshop and was adept,,,well I would do my best effort, it would probably be just a quick pink brush stroke; even if it was messy, it would at least show that some small token effort was made. At the races, some guys sitting next to us commented on his bike, how that was brave of him - "to have pink accents." I quickly came to C's defense and said hey, it's like "a soft, off-lavender..."

Unbeknownst at that moment, but that might have opened a can of worms and caused some trouble for C: Those guys off-colored remarks and my quick defense... I'm worried now for Chris - because afterwards I was walking next to H and C was in front of us and I mentioned how he needed a tan, I couldn't figure it out with all the bike riding...I'm going to get him some tanning lotion, Chanel - I really need to hang out with him more often. Maybe she's been hinting at this too? OMG!!! Maybe he's not listening very well to his GF? Because she quickly followed up with an - I keep telling him that if he doesn't get a pink jersey I'm not going to come see him race. He wears a really practical "techy" jersey, ventilation and so forth; she kind of ho-hummed this line of reasoning :/ I was thinking uh-oh, shit! Chris was walking in front of us so I couldn't gauge his reaction. Maybe she was bringing this up in front of me thinking I might straighten him out. W.A.F.F. sigh ? It's probably up to me now to save his sorry butt, probably just as pale as his legs; maybe we should go to a beach instead, do the sunbathing bit. [to be continued...]

[It's taken me an hour to realize that I hadn't typed anything;) ]

Woww --- thanks Rod, I like this coming of age story (in your song)...I'm worried about Chris though... D.T.G.H.! (Damn those gear heads) :|
Rod Stewart - Young Turks LYRICS
thanks BenderPictures

Later that night at the campsite, dancing, woo-hoo - partee! But I think she was saying didn't you hear William's quick recommendation Giro D'Italia leaders jersey - it's all pink;) This bit of writing above - exaggerated-kidding - a pink wool jersey would be look nice though, I have to agree Chris:)

thanks Steveuk17

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Emily Rose

Yesterday I picked up my roll of film from last weekend.
My new ATT internet modem is defective, it cuts out every two or three days, then it takes hours to cycle back on. Thank god I had borrowed some movies from my friend Albert; Trainspotting and The Exorcism of Emily Rose. I don't actually have a dish hookup in my room good thing because I might inadvertently watch Jersey Shore for hours or Ice Loves Coco (I've actually only seen one episode where she is diagnosed with high cholesterol, I'd watch it again).

I like borrowing movies from my friend Albert because he has movies that I wouldn't typically see, (because the box covers suck), so sometimes I trust his "curating" and randomly (sort of) grab something. My friend is pretty much a carbon copy of that French actor Jean Reno, (in The Professional) I always thought that and even mentioned this to him years ago, then I started borrowing movies and noticed he has more then one Jean Reno movie;) Yeah, so once I borrowed "Wasabi" not something I would typically rent, mystery crime story takes place in Japan.

I've written two or three other outlines but before I left it occurred to me that he might appreciate this particular one page treatment that I wrote "Shanghai Surprise." He did, he was the perfect test audience. I told him that I've been researching and realized I inadvertently wrote a "pilot" - I told Albert that if I had ever taken a writing class I would have dropped out because of the explanations: It's the beginning of a story but it has to have a beginning, middle, end, story movement, protagonist that resolves a problem, character moments, anticipation, satisfying closure because it's a stand alone episode, but it still has to allude to a bigger story etc etc. fuck!

I told Albert (he taught me how to develop negatives) photography is still number one but for some reason I find it easier networking as a writer, even just starting out. I told him my modus operandi is to be Roger Smith, and that one of his goals as a photographer would be to work his way through "x.x.x." list. It's all related, it's relatively local... Albert has seen this all before (he's up to date on all technical web and design stuff, when I add HTML break tabs on blog posts I think it's a big deal;)) . I've slowly realized that I tend to do everything ass backwards like designing an advertisement for a gallery exhibit, coming up with a name and then thinking it's so cool - why not? It gets me excited.

I think I'll pop in Emily Rose like I've got cable in my room and i just randomly came across.

Just randomly remembered this song I posted once with a picture because I got a little bit of sweat highlights;) - I love the chorus it's like a teen coming of age story.

Oingo Boingo Sweat lyrics


The cool boys bit the dust
They couldn't take the pressure
The cool girls got knocked up
They only wanted to have fun
(Where did they go?)
They fell in low and suffered
(Where did they go?)
They picked up guns and hammers
(Where did they go?)
Without friction there's no heat
WIthout heat there's no fire
Without fire there's no desire
You're making me hot, hot, hot, hot!

Thanks you AraMiraBlack

Friday, April 27, 2012

Ivan Lendl vs John McEnroe


I didn't get their email.

I'd never make a good paparazzi: I wasn't going to take a picture, but they were oblivious - it was epic (10 min and counting) this picture doesn't do it justice, I wish I would have taken another one, even gotten closer because they probably wouldn't have cared, maybe even wanted a picture - you know souvenir of their epic make-out session = why not?. Later, on the train I took that "Teddybears" picture (post below); I didn't want to regret not-taking-it kind of thing, ya know.

John McEnroe - You Cannot Be Serious
thanks davemings

First two seconds.

McEnroe at Roland Garros 3
thanks AlStAmPlEr

This video is kind of relaxing just letting it play in the background: A little bit of slow-mo, suave talking French guy; you got to give them credit (in France) playin' on clay courts (change of pace), then afterwards a lovely night out, dinner,,,escargot, French wine; then perhaps slip off to that pied-à-terre = oo-la-la!

Victor Lana: The Return of Mac Attack: John McEnroe Ignites ... Aug 29, 2010 ... The Return of Mac Attack: John McEnroe Ignites Controversy as U.S. Open Begins.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Teddy Bears



Mmm-mm I just made some miso soup and added udon noodles. I've been wanting to make miso paste from scratch, red miso, something hardy, I actually have some Koji starter. I've had it for a while, I think it's still good I've had it in the fridge. What's been stopping me is not having the right kind of receptacle like a clay pot or small wooden barrel (thing), so it will store properly for the fermentation to take place, (protein break down enzymes to develop etc.). Miso paste,,,damn that's esoteric, takes a while too perhaps before that I could learn too home brew some beer, I think thats quicker too, gives you a buzz.

Toto - Africa

Teddy Bears - Punk Rocker

thanks for the vid-e-o mythosum



1 + 1 = ;)


"Teddy Bears" I don't name pictures very often but back when I took this that's how I described them (to Chris in fact). The nicest guys, I talked to them and got their email and sent them a file. I think I'll make them a print, maybe I'll tone it too, perhaps a warm red/brown.

ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) - Last Train To London

thanks 4 the vid rormeno

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

wet gizmo

After this weekend I'm chalking up my tally of dads to two. I'm going to pretend like Chris's dad adopted me. It's about par for the course since I've hardly ever seen my father much. I don't want to be too harsh on my own father, I love him. But sometimes the word father gets thrown around a lot when a lot of times all they did was deliver the yeast - baking is tough (special ovens, odd-hours, bakery, delivery truck etc.).

I'm realizing that just hanging out with Chris's dad somehow made me feel better about everything. His philosophy of life seems to be one that pursues happiness as long as it's not hurting someone else, just the little bit we talked gave me that impression. He also lives somewhat like a gypsy (I was taking notes), and told similar stories, for instance, about a relative sailing off to be a doctor in the Caribbean because she got fed up with something or other. He said something to the effect (he was smiling) that he's caused trouble by inspiring people to take action and pursue their passions; and seen them change their lifestyles in order to do it, especially in ways that they hadn't considered. His advice was to just start doing it because it's not as hard as it seems, to live the life you want.

I'll try and hurry up and finish that roll of film. And thanks Chris (bro!) I kid you about your light beer drinking ways but that black coffee you make is always the best. And we need to find some more of that espresso-ee monk beer for next time.

wet gizmo
thanks SuperDanman1000

AC/DC Whole Lotta Rosie
thanks 40nasher

all of his disguises ever in two minutes


roger american dad
thanks TheJamescreedon

Shooting portraits, total serendipity, loading and advancing camera...



Monday, April 23, 2012

"Put on a gown that touches the ground..."

Yes, you are right, this is perfect and strangely somehow the timing too (how does this happen?); it gave me the perfect excuse to post what I posted below this. ["yes to this" but it was also alluding to something else...ayaya;)] So just a quick peck on the cheek before bed (or in the morning when you wake). An early night so to speak, I'm just posting this quickly and then getting "to work" on some creative writing. Strangely this notebook page ties in (funny just now, I decided not to post the notebook page because I was trying to read it and it's too much, it was like a preview but it's enough to just mention talk around it): I was at the library earlier and something I just happened to read in the NYT magazine (assuming this past weekends) about an actress struck a chord - I think I'm going to work on something she mentioned...(these music videos still allude to something she wants to be part of...).

There is another light and easy post that I put together about the awesome weekend but for part of that post (the last little bit) to work it makes sense to post this one first. Yes, there is a loose crazy framework that keeps the corners square - The House of the Seven Gables if you will (it will still make sense).

I love this song, it's sort of spooky, thematic in that regard and cause I posted once before (and that's inspiring some further writing).
David Bowie - See Emily Play
thanks beeb1992

I love this one too especially for the "spookiness factor" rrr but especially the spookiness of the video;) and ridiculously also simply because of the title;)


Friday, April 20, 2012

AC/DC - It's a Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock N' Roll)

working on "pulp"

I put this here for a lot of different reasons and because of a lot of different things; it's not so obvious, (well it is and it isn't)... Maybe, maybe, maybe someday it will mean something very specific, either way it will always be very meaningful. It means a lot to me already. If I had to explain I would say it's about "strength" in all of its various manifestations - and especially the, "creator of man." And also humbleness when someone catches you, the left and weaker hand; and also strength from within, the right hand being free.


thanks Jukka1995

more pulp



I like to kid my friend Chris, about the light beer he likes to drink. Haden't seen him in a while, he is down for the bicycle races at Laguna Seca, camping out with his dad. His dad races motorcycles and teaches "racing," he has three or four race bikes in the van (which I hope to see) plus a scooter;) he's a really nice man, and I now see where Chris gets his mellowness from. It was nice sitting outside with the propane heaters, talking and looking up at the night sky.



David Lynch

Gucci by Gucci - David Lynch
palm trees + orange

Gucci by Gucci - David Lynch
thanks diegojav s



Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm old fashioned...

This is pretty cool about O.W. art history thing. Also, to pre-load that PSB video with excuses - it's not so outrageous, it's a pretty song, I'd never heard it until a couple days ago...

Neil Tennant about Oscar Wilde

thanks funnycat197

...I love the melody, always, just before the chorus and the lyrics at the end....rrr, other lyrics;) and I post more music videos and monkeys are cute:) :) :) and I think they like to dance;)

Pet Shop Boys - Call me old fashioned

thnks tonety76

Really old fashioned


Commendatory Verses.

To the lerned Shephheard. Edmund Spenser

Fayre Thamis streame, that from Ludds stately
Runst paying tribute to the Ocean seas,
Let all thy Nymphes and Syrens of renowne
Be silent, whyle this Bryttane Orpheus playes:
Nere they sweet bankes, there liues that sacred
Whose hand strowes Palme and neuer-dying bayes,
Let all at once, with thy soft murmuring sowne
Present her with this worthy Poets prayes.
For he hath taught hye drifts in shepeherdes
And deepe conceites now singes in Faeries deedes.


Graie Muses march in triumph and with
Our Goddesse here hath given you leaue to land:
And biddes this rare dispenser of your graces
Bow downe his brow unto her sacred hand.
Desertes findes dew in that most princely doome:
So did that great Augustus erst in Roome
With leaues of fame adorne his Poets hedde.
Faire be the guerdon of your Faery Queene,
Euen of the fairest that the world hath seene.



Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"An Unwritten Novel" INXS


7:35AM: Around 11 last night I told myself, "why don't you take a little nap?" Laying there I thought: Maybe I won't post this, why relive the past, even if it was just a few days ago? I woke up and had a clearer mind and fine tuned it: Whew..., now, later today I can post that "PSB song" ;) it's nothing heavy, quite funny. But I suppose I could only post (that) after posting this.

This song: It covers all basis, a little bit of that angst, how it was, how it is sort of thing but different now of course...

* btw on the album, Need You Tonight, leads right into Mediate.

INXS - Need You Tonight

thanks RodonTUBE

It was sunny and warm Sunday, as I sat outside to read. I looked through an anthology that has various short stories...

... "That's what always happens! I was heading her over waterfall, straight for madness, when, like a flock of dream sheep, she turns t'other way and runs between my fingers."

Virgina Woolf
An Unwritten Novel

... "He reads Truth. But his passion? Roses - and his wife a retired hospital nurse - interesting - for God's sake let me have one woman with a name I like! But no; she's of the unborn children of the mind, illicit, none the less loved, like my rhododendrons."

Virgina Woolf
An Unwritten Novel

I'm kind of glad I didn't post anything further last night (2 nights ago) because late this afternoon it really sank might sound strange to put it this way but because, "I was living it..." I had copied a few things that you had written in my notebook and thought about it some more throughout the day. It means a lot, I'll write about it (just to get things sorted out) but I think I'll keep those thoughts, tucked away somewhere on a typewritten page i.u.k.w.i.m.

INXS - Mediate

thanks kellandjohn12260

After that storm, I was praying for rainbows Friday.

Kylie Minogue - "Loco-motion" 1987

thanks petertoshiro


Monday, April 16, 2012

*** ** * [...]

Carmen: a figure of intensity with a bit of restraint...

** 12:20AM I had temporary writers block:) Although I'm totally capable to flesh it out i.u.k.w.i.m. I'm going to sleep on it and in general terms try to meter it out somewhat:)

*** I was really going to bed: I realized there's nothing I can say about some things (right now) especially through my blog. If I could only make you smile, so of course I wrote you a poem.

It's my way of imparting warmth.


Off to the pool (a contemplative woww...all day) I'll be swimming in the deep end...maybe stop at 7-11 on the way back... brain as I sigh or is that my heart (?) I hope that makes sense:)

* [at a loss for words - I'm not sure what I'm saying kind of thing...]

Plastic Electro Acid Disco ORIGINAL!

thnks Grisfiskaren

Mary The Muse

Mary the muse
on a shore or a lake
she loves the sunrise
as it rises and bakes...
Clay tablets that form
images and shapes

Thistles and wheat
ingredients they make
She slips her toe
in the fresh water's

Amuse amuse
as I contemplate
I'd bake her a cake and make
funny shapes and use
faerie dust cause a star radiates


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Could it be...

that statistics are stacked against me? Especially since I love or better said, I don't mind spending time in my room (that's more accurate). Quiz: On a good day I'm a perfect score.

1. I'm a bookworm (not a bad thing but wow I've just come to realize the implications)
2. I sort of keep a journal (not day to day stuff), but still
3. If I go to a bar, never a good scenario (very rare) I bring a book, it actually helps the reading.
4. Friend's friends - sometimes, but maybe I'm just picky (just kidding), wait, hmmm???
5. All that stuff on the quiz...

Maybe I'm just boring?

X. When I make half an effort cool stuff happens...

With those kinds of propensities (quiz stuff: staying home etc) when it mattered most to me, I went overboard,,,it's a good movie, kind of sad at the end - The Perfect Storm.

"All men's miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone." B.P.

I"m not sure,,,, dear sir; perhaps back in the 17th century pre-internet days.

I've plugged in my type writer's tricky but fun shifting from internal monologue to character development, I think I'll keep the plot to a minimum...

PSB - Left to my own devices - [Disco mix]

thanks Linkpin7

Rolling Stones - Just My Imagination

thanks pomluit


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Town & Country ###

"Town and Country" diptych and Scorpion's song for Damien. I promised a long time ago.

If two weeks ago was the pinnacle of arrogance yesterday was the pinnacle of gushing-sappiness. I prefer other types of gushing; I swim's a physical thing;)

Wow you should have seen the smile grow on my face - what a strange mixture of feelings. But also what a relief, really that's how I feel nothing personal seriously I feel like a giant weight has been lifted. I figured I would prove that I could hang apparently my arrogance bit me in the ass. Could I help it that I just wanted some contact with you, any kind - I admit it got contrived and a bit much. Damned if you do damned if you don't, I always pick do - it's more interesting. There were and are metaphorical "relief valves" that can be used I don't need to mention what those are. Aren't they obvious?

I really kept thinking any day now, once I thought you said two more months (damn) but that's o.k. it seems so simple, meet for coffee ya know...

It's like those most interesting man in the world Mexican beer commercials. What would he say? "One time I wrote one hundred love letters simply to ask for a coffee date. Stay thirsty my friends"

Now I can get back to concentrating on serious writing...check it out. I'm a wanna be William Faulkner his Hollywood writing phase, he prostituted himself for the "cash money" I'm sure he enjoyed it though, lots of parties and rye whisky.

"I've been waiting for nachos for fucking forever"

OK this one I overheard but it's golden, hard to credit, ok, ok skinny metrosex guy coming out of Shanghai Dumpling Shop Saturday night in Millbrae (I highly recommend). WTF was I doing in Millbrae?

"...every time I've seen a white girl this month she has a fucking I Phone"

Damien, remember I said I was going to visit April 15th, well I got kind of side tracked for three months, I did a Sponge Bob, how about,,,, thinking of a random date that makes sense hmmm?

"Nights are the last refuge for life in the cities, for real, strange and seething life." Damien


thanks for the vid mr. 90Metal

American Dad - Interesting Roger #1

thanks FoxBroadcasting

Like my friend at the pool said "ya gotta be there." I would have rather jaded you in person instead of through my fucking blog, that would be easier to accept. If you ever want to actually meet "for real" maybe we can get that coffee to go...I'm tired of sitting.

Jaded - Aerosmith

thanks Obsessionoveryou



Tuesday, April 10, 2012

*Crostini mushrooms & George Michael

update 5:28PM

At noon I went for a pretty good walk, it was drizzling but I felt warm I love that feeling. I got home and whipped up some mushroom crostini I added some sweet rice wine vinegar so it became fusion o.w.e. . I love cooking and have been slowly working my way through two Italian cookbooks.

*The pictures above and below remind me of being a teenager one summer riding bicycles in Italy. It was a group student exchange program and on the weekends we would do a long ride and end up at a restaurant. It felt like one big happy family brothers and sisters (there was one girl) and of course the food was delicious, usually four courses.

I wrote some stuff earlier cool stories but not so relevant. So yes of course I could bake you a pie and I'm pretty handy in a kitchen, and I'd love to cook for friends. But what I was really trying to say earlier is that "the picture" in my mind like those pictures that I've just mentioned warm my heart and I think about you, they're just my dreams... I'm trying my best to explain my feeling for you; at first I thought the picture would imply that sort of thing but I didn't want you to get distracted by what I wrote earlier, I want to make sure.

Well time to do some busy work - it's not so bad.

George Michael - The Long And Winding Road [For Linda]

thanks jacenty841

[the concept, lyrics not all literal]

George Michael If You Were My Woman

thanks polleke1

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

thanks GeorgeMichaelNL

Monday, April 9, 2012

(*Tuesday) These Arms of Mine - Otis Redding

"Who is he who will affirm that there must be a web of flesh and bone to hold the shape of love?

Beyond (1933) William Faulkner




I'm staring at a bag of crunchy Cheetos hmm maybe just a few...

Does this really need to be in brackets? :) [I have to go do some errands - and for a short walk]


* for levites sake:

"It's much more fun to try to write about women because I think women are marvelous, they're wonderful, and I know very little about them."

William Faulkner

Clocks slay time. Time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; only when the clock stops does time come to life.

The Sound and the Fury (1929) William Faulkner

"He had a word, too. Love, he called it. But I had been used to words for a long time. I knew that that word was like the others: just a shape to fill a lack; that when the right time came, you wouldn't need a word for that anymore than for pride or fear."

As I Lay Dying (1930) William Faulkner

These Arms of Mine - Otis Redding
thanks ReptilesDial911


** [my brain is jibbberish right now :) i'm going swimming - SB below, a-ha something like that;) ]

furryfeatherycat (1 year ago)

Empty your mind of everything that doesn't have to do with fine dining. Fine dining...and breathing.

SpongeBob SquarePants Production Music - Mists of Illusion
thanks MonsieurCommandoMan

9:42PM I'm going to turn off my computer and watch a movie, goodnight;)

9:48PM :) :) :)

P.S. I can't stop playing that Sponge Bob video

Tuesday ;)

* 9:43AM

The Rolling Stones - Come On

thanks Traumar

Beatles - From Me To You

thanks globalbeatles

The Beatles - P.S. I Love You

thanks beatlemusical


Picture Reference Wiki

Wiki:Louise Docker File:Love heart.jpg
thnks Louise Docker


Friday, April 6, 2012

*I love this song...

Monday 9:41/am

Otis Redding - Try A Little Tenderness
thnks BenKarbie

Sunday 9:57AM

The Beatles - Something HD
thnks rincondemozyto

The Beatles - Do You Want to Know a Secret
thanks beatlemusical

and this particular video.

Duran Duran - Planet Earth (Night Version).
thanks samegirl



Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Clod and the Pebble

I've been arrogant and last week was the pinnacle - I've been more and more caught up and lost in my own mind. I apologize for those instances.

A few weeks ago I even pointed out that I outdid myself, I should have realized it then, that I was losing my balance.

I know that life happens, I'm not trying to figure it all out.

I'm going to try to live more in the moment, and only one day at a time.

The Clod and the Pebble

"Love seeketh not itself to please,
Nor for itself hath any care,
But for another gives its ease,
And builds a Heaven in Hell's despair."

So sung a little Clod of Clay
Trodden with the cattle's feet,
But a Pebble of the brook
Warbled out these metres meet:

"Love seeketh only self to please,
To bind another to its delight,
Joys in another's loss of ease,
And builds a Hell in Heaven's despite."

By William Blake 1757–1827


Bullit & Bud Forever Young

I watched "Scoop" last night, I own the DVD it took me a year to watch it...

Bullit and Bud they are both in heaven now. Bud was mixed with Pit Bull but more of the labrador came through.

Alfa vile Forever young.

thanks edualvessal

99 red ballons - Nena

thnks sweepyx

I'm feeling lost.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rocket Queen...

I took this picture a long time ago.

"All I ever wanted
Was for you
To know that I care"

Guns N Roses - Rocket Queen - Ritz 88



The Smiths - The Smiths - Accept Yourself - Live

Bee Gees -Nights on Broadway (1979)

thanks for vid Laveamour

Men At Work - Overkill (1983)

thanks for the vid nzoz1983

Karen Dalton "Blues Jumped The Rabbit"

thanks for the vid minnowrecords


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

No spare parts...

No Spare Parts - The Rolling Stones


Siriusmo - Einmal in Der Woche Schreien

Lauran and Alejandra

Every couple weeks or so I use to shoot a group, some guys and gals, from a local high school when I began shooting more intently a few years ago.

Siriusmo - Einmal in Der Woche Schreien
thanks InflateableFerret

Vitalic - Juliet India

thanks for the vid Artek777


I'm pulling a Bella


??? 3:12AM There has been so much love, I believe in it more then anything. I want to pretend that what I'm seeing is a joke. Maybe I'm overreacting and losing my mind?

It's very simple, I love you.

Breeders - Do You Love Me Now

Thanks for the vid

The Smiths- Unloveable

Thanks for posting."Jay"


Monday, April 2, 2012

Evening Hymn...

Fiery Furnaces - My Egyptian Grammar

thnks EveningHymns

My Egyptian Grammar :

I never thought it could have happened to me.
But on the morning of my eldest daughter’s Second wedding, I blacked out.
They said it was it was just stress, but I didn’t think so:
I couldn’t remember the 15 minutes before.
A white-haired half Samoan girl from Darwin
Gave me a ride, it seems; she let me the car in.
But what it was she said, I couldn’t say.
Now, that clearly didn’t happen. I consulted my Egyptian Grammar.
On p. 333 was the hieroglyph for motorcycle helmet.
I combined this with a leather-back’s shell as I was I felt instructed.
I Xeroxed it and posted it down by the bike lock-ups at the Oriental Institute.

Maybe a nether-world entity would see it and pass it on to the responsible.
That kind of thing must happen sometimes.
Now that clearly didn’t happen. I consulted my Egyptian Grammar.
On p. 4428 was the hieroglyph for French Canal boat.
I met on the Midway someone channeling up a whatever it wasn’t:
There are 17 sections of cymbals in the orchestra of the oversold, it said.
Your youth is lost and doesn’t it now seem you can’t make smoke—only steam?
Now that clearly didn’t happen. I consulted my Egyptian Grammar.
On p. 5566 was the hieroglyph for a blue jay



The Breeders - Flipside

thanks xOcelotia

[update 9:52 today's posts]


these are a few of my favorite things....

update 6:01PM, sometimes this happens...

...the perfect word is "caring." I really like that word, in a sense, it's almost a more special word then that other word that gets thrown around a lot...because it's unconditional... So yeah come to think of it, that's what I was feeling and it felt good, in a strange way that felt better then what one might typically assume:) Seriously, but then of course it just hit me on a whole different level,,,that day! Caring and unconditional those are the two words; that's the best way I can describe it... I can't help writing so much - this is my favorite subject ever! :)


these are a few of my favorite things...rrrrrr pt 1

Keith Richards Interview







Sunday, April 1, 2012


Atlanta Rhythm Section - So Into You

thanks for the video ann6079

LITTLE RIVER BAND - Reminiscing (1978)

thanks aussietv2

Fiery Furnaces - My Egyptian Grammar

thnks EveningHymns

The Fiery Furnaces - Here comes the summer

thanks tresynella


Spartan Push Up (300 workout)

[update 7:39pm bottom one more comment]

Spartan Push Up (300 workout)


LiverpoolfcEPL (4 months ago)

if you did this 300 times, then you can deservely say THIS IS SPARTA! and *kick someone off thier feet randomly*

xy262 (4 months ago)

dont post a cocky comment expecting people to compliment you


Latvietis543 (1 week ago)

It is being cocky because many people here can't do as much as 50 or perhaps 40. He's just bragging and hoping people are like "wow, that's so much, you are strong' etc.

KillaDose (1 week ago)

got to 299 but just couldn;t do that last one, damn I must be an Arcadian

hTDrag (1 week ago)

Fuck off dude. saying he did 52 of these isn't being cocky. I can easily do 40. 50 might be my limit. And he was just asking a question. Let's see how many you can do.

pkll12 (1 week ago)

i like the shoe ;)


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19April 2016 ~ I miss my little pup Schiller, it's been about three months since he died. Today another little dog showed up; she was small like him and the same color and type of hair, I fed her but she ran away.  I cried for the first time thinking about Schiller.  W.