Thursday, September 23, 2010


Siriusmo - Einmal in der Woche schreien

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Siriusmo-High Together

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the doors - spanish caravan

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The Clash - Stay Free

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Monday, September 20, 2010


Erol Alkan & Boys Noize-death suite (Bobermann remix)

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Motley Crue - Starry Eyes

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New Order - Fine Time

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When ever I listen to this song I always think its being directed towards a young sheep or goat;) listen to the very end and you'll understand what i mean;)


Vote for Cookie! I'm not sure who that is in the picture, i'm going to try and find out...

Wiki Grand Ducal Council of San Francisco
Each individual court chapter (or "realm") is a separate, legally-incorporated charitable non-profit organization that raises funds and awareness for various charities and people in need within its realm. Each chapter has its own board of directors and is financially responsible for its own management. In addition to local non-profit status, many courts in the United States have Federal 501(c) status.

Cookie Vision

Karel was talking about the Lady GaGa video concerning the upcoming vote on "Don't Ask Don't Tell"

Radio KRL the Karel Show
Supposedly Sen. McCane has been busy filibustering...
She calls Tel 202-224-3121 and then...

A message from Lady Gaga to the Senate Sept 16 2010

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Oingo Boingo - Nothing Bad Ever Happens To Me

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


9/06/10 Once, it must have been two summers ago, I sat in a bar on Mission Street (styled somewhat like an business traveler airport hotel bar, not quite what you would expect) they were showing a Kubrick film (Dr. Strangelove) but you couldn’t hear the sound. I thought about staying, then I actually started a conversation with someone and they ended up giving me their business card; it was one of those after work situations but on a Saturday, he was with some coworkers. It (he) reminded me so much of how I use to be... What did I do afterward, I’m trying to remember, I think I kept walking up and down Mission Street and I wandered into another bar.

The Rolling Stones-Dance Parts 1&2

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Friday, September 10, 2010


continued from: a short wave radio interview was a lonely town with a lot of people but I was excited about finding a job and making new friends.

There was a bar slash gallery that I walked into, the atmosphere seemed rather stale; the people running it seemed to be of the "hip state of mind" but so overly organized to the point where it was, like I said, stale which was kind of disappointing. The art and everything seemed to all "fit together." I found solace at the bar next door.

Two days had passed the calm of the weekend had subsided; a calm sunday afternoon turned into a Monday then a Tuesday....

Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless)

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Its Wednesday Sep 7th, I saw the news this morning; a traffic jam for the commuters driving over the hill from the valley; from Tracy to the bay area.

I'm sitting here thinking about thinking cool beautiful thoughts...If I were in Paris in a cave of an apartment with a view of a xxx courtyard and the sound of passing traffic; I would long for a setting like i'm in now, a quiet well lit room, a garden, a tree, an open field and a dingy, yet somewhat interesting, small two-cow-town. Then again I could clamber out at midnight and find a cafe and drink Pernod till I was...

back to Turlock

When we first arrived in Turlock I had a feeling that it was a place a bit more "progressive" then Salinas, the same occurred to me when we drove through Los Banos. Of all places Los Banos has a digital greeting sign. Its one and only main street has always seemed more interesting then anything in Salinas. I could say that Turlock is the same as all these agricultural towns: they are easy places for up-and-coming politicians to make a name for themselves.

Saw a campaign sign: Jeff Denham conservative [of course]. What is his and other politician's day like? Back and forth talking to their aids; lunch at such and such a place; perhaps a policy posturing pow-wow and when they're in their districts you can have a lunch meeting with them or even better...

delta 5 - mind your own business

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And when they fight, they fight, / And when they come home at night they say, / "I love you, baby." / And when it all comes crashing down, / What can you do ...

30 AUG 2010

The Ed Show, growing ninety-niners
The Republican plan to block and vilify Obama.
McCain Palin
Old white right wing meeting in Washington pouting about Obama and government takeover.
Left wing right wing radio; it drives me crazy at times.

Home schooling: the first day seems to be going well. We read for about an hour from Marcus Aurelius, The Harvard Classics Daily Reading Guide

Bo Diddly is an outlaw

There was an abandoned car dealership in Turlock that I saw driving North on Hwy 99, I hung a U-turn. The distances between towns seemed longer then I remembered; it took a while to reach Modesto and then finally the turn Northwest to Tracy and on to Livermore and through to the Bay Area. Reaching Oakland we drove along lake Merritt then back onto the 880 freeway seeing the San Francisco skyline as we made our way to Berkeley.

After eating "fast food" Indian food at an convenience store (I wish there were one of those around here) we walked across the UC Berkeley campus and then left Berkeley, drove across the Bay Bridge skirted SF to Hwy 1 and down the coast through Half Moon Bay and eventually Santa Cruz and then finally we were back in Salinas.

Waylon Jennings Bob Wills is still the king Live in Austin 1974!

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I fell into the soup...
Glenn Beck is a false prophet.
Glenn Beck is a hypocrite.
Listening to the Stephanie Miller Show...

Turlock, CA SEP 3rd 2010
Art Belle Somewhere in Time Jan 11th, 1999


homage to Brian Ulrich "Dark Stores"

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I dreamt that I swam out of the bottom of a salt water pool into the ocean; I swam through an opening and could feel the current, it was deep but fairly clear...then I saw a giant shark approach, it seemed to have a grin, like a caricature of a shark; a caricature, imagine a corner-to-corner grin and its giant teeth; it seemed so unreal. I kicked it in the nose and started to plan an escape.

Motley Crue - In The Beginning/Shout At The Devil

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Photobucket"What shoes go with my dress?"

Motley Crue-Come On And Dance

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


RIP Mike Edwards. First cellist - Electric Light Orchestra. I had the chance to see E.L.O. a few tears ago in Santa Fe, NM - wish I would have.

ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) - Telephone Line

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19 AUG '09
Weird dream last night - it basically was an answer to my prayer...I posed a question...

I'm playing a Bowie tape on the boombox:

I was playing Bowie, actually I wasn't, I was playing "Falling in Love" Julee Cruise on repeat while I was shooting a landscape in the bathroom...

woman taking pictures (like I was) in the bathroom of a landscape painting with mirror reflecting back, her eyes, weirdness, strangeness, lost, not-all-there...

But being in that small town I was aware of certain things and stuck in a predicament, in a relationship...

On a trip: some young people driving from LA to Montana pick-up a hitch hiker...its really the same person as one of the original group of young people its just a different version, perhaps from the past or the future...downtown Missoula MT

This person crossing the street and leaving group behind and himself...

As if he/she keeps crossing paths with itself...

Maybe those are the monsters

The idealized love...not shy, that one, particular person that you love and loves you, that was the person calling me (in my dream) when I was in the 2nd bathroom in a long-narrow shoe store in Montana

Some guy helps me out

I'm carrying 3 bags dangling from my shoulders

Dance music, stairs to upper landing (downtown LA)

In (Phillip's) home – back large room, crazy guy not sure if I’ll be attacked, caged animals; I sense danger

Julee Cruise - Falling on Top of the Pops

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