Saturday, March 31, 2012

Howlin' Wolf - If you hear me howlin'

Thorn Proof... Side two;)

Side two
No. Title Length
7. "I'm a King Bee" (Slim Harpo) 2:35
8. "Carol" (Chuck Berry) 2:33
9. "Tell Me (You're Coming Back)" (Mick Jagger/Keith Richards) 4:05
10. "Can I Get a Witness" (Brian Holland/Lamont Dozier/Eddie Holland) 2:55
11. "You Can Make It If You Try" (Ted Jarrett) 2:01
12. "Walking the Dog" (Rufus Thomas) 3:10

Rolling Stones I´m a king bee

thnks jaggermickjagger

Rolling Stones - Carol

thnks thiagolanzarin

TheBrianJonesfan (10 months ago)

0:32 just for Brian smile

"Tell me ( you're coming back)" Rolling Stones

thanks for the video susanna1273

xoxchunaxox (2 years ago)

watsz with the horses???????????

Rolling Stones - Can I Get A Witness

thanxs darrynray


SuperGogetem (8 months ago)

This is the "blackest" Mick has ever sounded.

badchadgreatesthits (2 days ago)

Ian Stewart on the boogie woogie piano...the sixth Stone

you can make it if you try / the rolling stones

thanks martinstonee79

Walking The Dog by The Rolling Stones

thanks area61uploader


Thorn Proof... side one

[update 12:04 post below this one;) "for the record" no pun, well maybe...i'm such a dork]

Side one
No. Title Lyrics Length
1. "Route 66" Bobby Troup 2:20
2. "I Just Want to Make Love to You" Willie Dixon 2:17
3. "Honest I Do" Jimmy Reed 2:09
4. "Mona (I Need You Baby)" Ellas McDaniel 3:33
5. "Now I've Got a Witness (Like Uncle Phil and Uncle Gene)" Nanker Phelge 2:29
6. "Little by Little" Phelge/Phil Spector 2:39

Rolling Stones - Route 66 - London - March 19, 1964

thanks 4 vid kg441

sebmaximo59 (8 months ago)

me gusta

bassbob42 (1 year ago)

This is just as nasty as it gets. Raw unfiltered Stones=Best music Ever. Thanks for posting.

Rolling Stones - I Just Want To Make Love To You - London - Apr 10 ,1964

thanks! kg441

1wolfoutlaw (3 months ago)

brian jones was the rolling stones, not big mouth jagger.

honest i do - the rolling stones

thanks! kg441


pmr1946 (2 weeks ago)

I love all the Stones albums from the 60s & 70s but this was from their first LP and the one I always seem to be drawn back to. I remember buying it as a 17 year old in 1964 at a little record shop on the King's Road in Chelsea. Great days.


elfphil1 (4 months ago)

Can be found on the Hope Floats soundtrack

Missbeckysboy (7 months ago)

Friday Morning Quotes "Oooo....Stones in the morning" Those early Friday mornings were the best times, leading to the best days of my life.

The Rolling Stones - Mona (I Need You Baby) - The Rolling Stones - 1964

thnks 4 vid MaryJaneLouiseBowers

MrBubba1800 (2 months ago)

Sing it, sing it loudly, to heck with those around

Rolling Stones Now I've Got a Witness

thnks jaggermickjagger

;) i love the stones because they are always straight up!! ;) :)

Rolling Stones - Little By Little - London - Apr 10, 1964

danks! kg441

BobBerkeley (1 month ago)

I believe the lyric is: "Well I try not to bear a grudge, a girl's gonna hitch a ride / Things ain't been the same since my mother died." Maybe it's just a crazy in-joke.

r1273m (7 months ago)

April 10, 1964, my 17th birthday.  Happy days. Bob

BobBerkeley (10 months ago)

Wait, wait--what's this in the last verse about his dead mother?



[update 12:03 i actually meant make coffee but what a coincidence huh!;)]


Wow I saw Taxi Driver and went to bed...I should say passed out.

What to do?

what to do?

oh yeah coffee...


Friday, March 30, 2012

Black Out (power is out)

Black Out (power is out) a.k.a. Dark with Cheins

The power is out
I'll tend to shout
When ever we're so inclined

Got rid of the hearse
and hid your purse
so you would stay behind

The hearse was traded for a perch
so I could sit and whistle
our friends are coming
quick quick quick
get ready with the candles

the power is out
It's a blackout, it would
be fun to pretend
pretend to look for candles
pretend pretend pretend

quip quip quip
Italian food is hip

Dance with me -
that boom box is the shit...
the candles flicker everywhere
we shouldn't sit sit sit

Later we'll tell goodbye
Cheins will sniff with snouts
we'll put the candles out
and you will twist and shout
Then I will have some rye
and you can have some pie

Siriusmo - Good Idea

thanks for the vid tekfunk

It's Just About Music By Thony Ritz (Volume 1)
thanks thonyritz

Track 27. K.I.D - My Love Is On The Way

Track 31. Stardust - Music Sounds Better with You (Acapella)
Thony Ritz - Overdrive

;) some of the lyrics

In Flagranti - SEXX PISS TOOL

thanks brockenstube

...they had a generator for their lights.

Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself

Billy Idol - Blue Highway

Billy Idol - White Wedding

Billy Idol - Cradle of Love

P.S. It's a funny video;)
Katy Perry - (T.G.I.F.)



Thursday, March 29, 2012

M.A.R.S. - Pump Up The Volume

john maus - through the skies for you
starring astro boy and ringomilk1988 assembled by joe ibañez from "fuhrer zzz"

Thanks for the video Mr. "colbent"

Air Supply - Lost In Love (1979)

thanks for the vid nzoz1979

M.A.R.S. - Pump Up The Volume

thanks DreamVidz


Morning Flower Dawn of Spring...

[update 9:09AM Disco 2] [update 9:45 @so hard @ can you etc..]

Morning Flower Dawn of Spring

It's dark but your eyes automatically
open it's as if you've just woken from the
most beautiful dream and you lay
beneath the covers just for a quick few
moments. You have a big day ahead. Of course
you still have butterflies but that only
gives you more energy; it's an
excitement; your in the moment now,
you live your life that way; everything
is going to work out fine. Just a moment
longer under the covers..."in
the cool morning stillness" you allow your
mind to wander. You can feel your
heart beating as you take a breath and you stretch you
legs and curl your toes and your feet.
Now you take in a deep "soulful breath"
and you smile; your in the
presence of love it's all around you...
You get a slightly crazed look
on your face as the coffee
buzzer sounds (Italian state of the art
espresso machine); you pop-up
flinging the blankets to the side
simultaneously sliding and slithering to bound out of
bed but my arm has already completely
encircled your waist; I'm
excited too.

[addendum ]

While you were meditating I was
channeling carnivores plants.
My species has evolved
attenuating itself to it's
prey so as not to kill it...
The smallest movement of the
hairs on your body, the pulsing of
the blood through your veins is a trigger...
I smother you with kisses for a
minute you close your eyes for a second, it's so warm.
And I'm tickling you so much
your begging that you need to pee.
I let you go, because actually I want some coffee "2".

Sometimes when I'm driving and don't know what to listen to I play this, even die-hard PSB fans don't like Disco 2 (probably the purist;) I usually skip around and I was looking for a specific mix that's on this CD "Yesterday, When I Was Mad (Coconut 1 12" Mix)" but instead I found the whole album, thanks 2009pet . 2. I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing (Beatmasters Extended Nude Mix) is my favorite - that's why I've posted it on special occasions and even "originally my first ever song posting to you (even if it was just for the title)" you can't go wrong with that one;)

Pet Shop Boys - Disco 2

6 So Hard (D. Morales Red Zone Mix)
starting @ about 19:50 - that's what I dream of someone telling me...

7 Can You Forgive Her? (Rollo Dub)
and that rolls into the droning and droning I like the dddddddddddddddddddddddd (breakdown) "dance the disco" can you forgive her (me)?"

9 Absolutely Fabulous (Our Tribe Tounge-In-Cheek Mix)
I like "just do your best darling" but it's played looped-backwards
and Patsies loop "buns so tight"

and then...

10 Yesterday, When I Was Mad (Coconut 1 12" Mix) @35:21
The first stanza, I've been wanting for someone (for so long) to get me like you do...

Yesterday When I Was Mad
Darling, you were wonderful, you really were quite good
I enjoyed it, though, of course, no one understood
A word of what was going on, they didn't have a clue
They couldn't understand your sense of humour like I do

You're much too kind
I smiled with murder on my mind

Yesterday, when I was mad
And quite prepared to give up everything
Admitting, I don't believe
In anyone's sincerity, and that's what's really got to me

You have a certain quality, which really is unique
Expressionless, such irony, although your voice is weak
It doesn't really matter 'cause the music is so loud
Of course it's all on tape, but no one will find out

You hated me too
But not as much as I hated you

Yesterday, when I was mad
And quite prepared to give up everything
Admitting, I don't believe
In anyone's sincerity, and that's what's really got to me

Then, when I was lonely
I thought again
And changed my mind

Then we posed for pictures with the competition winners
And argued about the hotel rooms, and where to go for dinner
And someone said: "It's fabulous you're still around today,
You've both made such a little go a very long way"

Yesterday, when I was mad
And quite prepared to give up everything
Admitting, I don't believe
In anyone's sincerity, and that's what's really got to me

Yesterday, when I was mad
And quite prepared to give up everything
Admitting, I don't believe
In anyone's sincerity, and that's what's really got to me

Then, when I was lonely
I thought again
And changed my mind

Tracklist: 1 Absolutely Fabulous (Our Tribe Tongue-In-Cheek Mix) 0:29 2 I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing (Beatmasters Extended Nude Mix) 4:15 3 I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing (DJ Pierre Wild Pitch Mix) 2:59 4 Go West (Farley & Heller Mix) 3:40 5 Liberation (E Smoove 12" Mix) 6:09 6 So Hard (D. Morales Red Zone Mix) 2:48 7 Can You Forgive Her? (Rollo Dub) 4:03 8 Yesterday, When I Was Mad (Junior Vasquez Factory Dub) 4:54 9 Absolutely Fabulous (Our Tribe Tounge-In-Cheek Mix) 6:01 10 Yesterday, When I Was Mad (Coconut 1 12" Mix) 2:12 11 Yesterday, When I Was Mad (Jam & Spoon Mix) 5:01 12 We All Feel Better In The Dark (Brothers In Rhythm Ambient Mix) 5:21





Wednesday, March 28, 2012

S.P. G.S. & B.H. are my heroes...

I didn't mean for that above...I would have done my P.S.'s last night but I went to bed early...

I think I've been watching too many Sylvia Plath Youtube videos and reading her poems before I go to bed at night...I saw the documentary and her interviews; but I especially love to hear her reading her poems, (that's what I've been trying to do when I write mine).

I was going to give Sylvia Plath credit for the "Buzzing Bee" line in that poem from a couple weeks ago, so I'll do it now. I didn't mean to opened a can of worms, pun intended... I was feeling happy writing about the ants but the words went quickly to a dark place. I'm not blaming S.P. but because of her I decided to push the envelope a little bit and it got me cornered creatively and then I didn't want to back down out of respect for her and in her honor. I'm not comparing the quality in any way with S.P.'s work just the tapping into that dark personal place. I was hesitant posting and I didn't mean to just do it for the sake of doing, or at anyones expense, I tried to make sure by covering the bases making the whole thing into a metaphor for something much simpler - I know you got that. But still maybe the tone was unnecessarily heavy, or came across as self indulgent which I didn't intend:(

And of course I'm not a "Cambridge male" ...

"And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt."

Sylvia Plath

"Apparently, the most difficult feat for a Cambridge male is to accept a woman not merely as feeling, not merely as thinking, but as managing a complex, vital interweaving of both."

Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath reads from ARIEL (1)

I get crazy at night (sometimes),,, I even wore my "insane asylum look" today,,,I even joked about that with the lifeguards at the pool. "Your wearing white on white?"

In the future :) :) :) (maybe) I can just "phone it in" on occasion:) :) :) although simpler it might be just as affective (!) but don't think I'm wining about that now...

P.S. >> G.S. is a hero of mine along w/ B. H. as I mentioned before, "Project Kraken Post" :(

Times Running Out For Me
thanks indigenous4logic





Out of respect for something I wrote about last night I'll do my "P.S.'s" up here...

P.S. It did come from a sincere place and the things I mentioned that aren't often talked about in our daily lives we shouldn't forget (of course). And because like Proust said it's (sometimes) only when we are faced with death that we truly start to appreciate our lives, and still we might forget...

P.S.S for reference index notes please file under "D.M.L." and some other places...

This morning I had to go looking for songs and I found ...

Animals Please Don't let me be Misunderstood.
thanks for the video andre21198

David Bowie - Sorrow
thanks for the video alluurpo

Au Revoir Simone - Another Likely Story (Official Music Video)
thanks for the vid Tesk435
Ahh summertime...

* I did take liberties experimenting with "time frames" so perhaps when time is not a dimension anymore and a new universe has arisen and planets (or something) have formed and intelligent life has arisen - perhaps sea mammals that can talk, and they might still wear symbolic adornments like the Bindi dot - there will be, song follows...

Sandie Shaw - There's Always Something There To Remind Me (1964)
I just heard this on the radio - I didn't realize it was a cover;)

Another Likely Story lyrics

Don't tell me
It's another likely story
Could've pinned it on you from the start
Well I’m new here
Doesn't mean I have to answer
Silly questions or a shot in the dark

You know I’m a child
I keep this alive

It gets harder
I remember to remember
Waking up again all over again
If there's an echo
Repeat days I’d likely let go
And be the changes we are noticing

When we're running wild
We keep this alive

Still i wonder
Sights around us fade and underneath
The ground shakes, things fall apart
And no other than the voice of one another
Keeps us safely moving on in the dark

You know I’m a child


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I can't forget...

I Can't Forget

I saved an ant today.
I'm not bragging, how could I be?
A few times I've smashed them on my face,
I feel bad they are not the human race...
He/she was on my pancake, saved him from a syrup fate.
They'll rule the world someday
forget the human race

I ponder something that I wrote the other night,
a letter to myself for you, not about the ants I've killed
or purposefully smothered long ago
or the one's I've saved, no, it's about if we withered
and no I don't mean that.
That's stronger than a gamma ray burst
or an event horizon or a
black hole crunch.
The earth would be fried to a crisp a barren cinder
charcoal - ash. Even more so the power of the universe
duplicating itself - - - time ending and beginning again
that is us.

I was writing about something more simple
and that would become, before all that;
I was pondering what we would say to each other
if we were both about to die.
I think this would give us peace; I know you understand.
I would say, in the last gasp
I can't wait to see you again,
will you look for me?

If we had more time before we died
I would tell you about the "private
poem" that I wrote for you
back at the beginning...

"Last night I wrote a "private poem" I couldn't sleep it was quiet and I was very tired I wanted to rest but I had a gnawing, deep inside.

Sometimes I get that way when I think about you. I know it doesn't compare, this same day on T.V. I saw a documentary about the Holocaust, they were interviewing an older lady, a survivor and they actually had a picture when she and her family were off-boarded from a train. They didn't know what awaited them. They actually showed a picture of her, she was sixteen, and they showed a picture of her two little brothers; they wouldn't be "useful," they were put to death. Standing outside, beside the tracks is the last time she saw her family . It was painful watching this.

Look around you and try not to weep. This is what I was thinking when they showed an older couple; it made it harder for me to watch this imagining how they had once met when they were young and fallen in love... And now where are they?

Just think of this as a private poem from me to you: I love you I love you I love you - I had to lean into it and started to cry, I just wanted to hug you to make you a pie, this is too damn singsongy I wanted to die there is a nice little dell it's sort of a hell - it's called limbo.

Actually, I didn't write it, that wasn't it. I said it out loud and it gave me peace I thought of you and cried but I felt better and was finally able to sleep."


The Captive...excerpt

[update 6:08pm P.S.S.]

Last week"Au Revoir Simone - Oh! You Pretty Things" tightened up a blog post but then I took out most of the books I had posted and brought them here. I don't want to come across as too pedantic or making people read what I read or anything like that; and btw I'm not that particularly well read either just a few favorite authors and I do like book covers like "Jean Santeuil" and someday I'll get around to it after I finish "Remembrance." I gave up on checking-out books from the library because I can't seem to return them on time; most of my books are in storage, I went and fished these out the other day. A few people have asked me why I don't "go down the path" and become a literature professor; I won't get into a long explanation just, "nah," but one year for Halloween I was a collegiate volleyball coach. But I could see myself being a tutor of sorts, one-on-one is always best.

Is their a rhyme and reason to all this - yes and probably some more... but I got to go swimming.

P.S. I've been stuck in "The Captive" since that "Wuthering Heights Summer" long ago. Reading group : June Vol. 1, July Vol.2, August...people had been slowly dropping out of our little group, we were down to five;;;; I never saw my favorite professor ever again.... I've hauled Vol. 3 everywhere - it makes a nice Japanese style pillow; I'm going to try and finish it now and see where it finds me...

P.S.S. Oh yeah Proust intended the reader of "A La Recherche," to go back to the very beginning when you were done and read again (!) which is kind of interesting,,, "a cycle"... now i've got to go...

Au Revoir Simone - Oh! You Pretty Things
thanks for the vid Izaguirreg2

Monday, March 26, 2012

Let's Face The Music And Dance...

prints today.

[update 6:34 AM ]

ute lemper - the other side of me

Rita Hayworth: I'm Old-Fashioned? No way.
xo yes. repeat @2:28...

Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers: Let's Face The Music And Dance 1936

[... :) ]


The Breeders interview

The Breeders interview

thanks for the vid revu

Interview with Kim Deal from The Breeders. Recorded in Amsterdam, 2008.

ashregister2 (2 years ago)

She's great.......seems like such a nice person and a bit of a laugh.

TheGoldenPlates (9 months ago)

"our songs exist, in the world". kim deal.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

[... ]

update 12:36AM [... :)]


Saturday, March 24, 2012



Simple solid (and sweet)
Silent under the sheets
Slowly turning the pages

Sipping syrupy soothing
Sitting by your side
Stoic still I sigh
Sharing solemn sleep...

Silently I retreat
Saturday evening street

(I'm returning)

Scal-dee slurpee treat
Sitting seeing scene
Serving sickly sweet
Silly surrounding







I want to wake up next to you,
it's as simple as that.

I want to go to sleep
next to you, as
a matter of fact.

dot dot dot


Friday, March 23, 2012

XXX coconut lotion...

Randomly saw the last few minutes of "XXX" bora bora girl + bottle of lotion,,,,

I'm sleepy.....

It's not even 11 I'm just going to write for a little bit (i just erased most of this sentence and then re-wrote the same thing) what @#$%^&?

That woke me up enough to untie my right shoe...

I Smurfed-it today - all blue denim - brown shoes my new blue shirt buttoned up and even "layered" levi's jacket with synth wool lining - you know they are made in China, well mine is at least - wow I can't believe I use to be interested in "geo politics," sort of still am, but this comment is the extent of it now.

I went to meet-up with my new friend "Langley" it was casual Friday but I "dressed up" Smurf...he's an analysis for the FBI, his name rimes with "Langley," just kidding about FBI but he is an analysis...

He is a Pisces on the last day you can be one (that still makes you very much a Pisces) - anyhow we talked about mysticism, philosophy, his therapist, all kinds of shit... being a Pisces hahaha omg I shouldn't be allowed to write right now.... My special pisces power is being able to "feel" the entire Pacific basin shift as one entity - yes... from Australia, Japan, Galapagos, California etc. it's hard to describe words don't do it justice... [what the fuck - right - i've told people this, they don't believe me] ...

It probably didn't help that I was really hungry and the pool was really crowded tonight...I was feeling kind of listless I swam for half an hour and then it was pretty cool I put my flippers on and just dolphin kicked under water back and forth, my arm has been kind of sore too, so I just tucked my arms back,,,this is why I swim because then I just went to the corner and kind of just "kicked it" and thought about stuff - I grabbed the "jump platform" up behind me and just kind of laid back kicking... I dove down to the bottom, it's about 14 feet or so - I'm strong enough (core strength) where I can reverse plank under water - uhh, laying on your back really straight looking up - sometimes sort of upside down at an angle - it's a cool sensation to hold straight, I think it's the way the water feels and because you just kind of float in space (it's a deep enough pool) and I'm better at holding my breath because for at least 30 seconds it felt like I could breathe. But then I would go back to my spot... Time must go by really slow for the lifeguards because that's what it felt like just sitting there, at least I could dive down every so often, I try not to distract them but I guess they appreciate when I talk to them (I do)... It was noisy and kids were splashing around - the lifeguards where too busy to talk too they were really staring around, you know... It's a fancy new pool and the roof has retractable sky lights - I finally felt better and suddenly kind of happy staring at the night sky; it wasn't even that much sky, just a wide sliver and I couldn't even see any stars, just pure black... I was like "what the fuck" really? I imagined there were stars and that was part of it, but the only other thing I could think of was that it was like my computer monitor...and that reminded me of something. I'm cracking up by myself here - did I just write this on the internet? It is kind of hidden here at the end of a long rambling paragraph...but its true and that made me feel better...

Then two kids about 11 years old a brother and sister, (they were so cute)...asked me, "how do you get to the bottom of the pool?" so I explained how you should first float on your stomach and then bend at the waist and then you let your legs go straight up so that their weight pushes down, and to slowly breathe out. They watched me do this, it was funny seeing them stare down at me, I guess they were impressed when I was just laying on my back at the bottom of the pool, then they tried...I wish I could stay down there - it's been years but scuba diving is not quite the same... it's more quiet and peaceful...then I kicked back and forth for a few laps as the pool was emptying, said by to the lifeguards...

I've got another post but I don't have the energy to finish it - It's sort of "kitchen sink" I thought I could break it down and post the beginning instead of what I just wrote but it kind of makes sense all together - somehow it does, I think so, so I want to keep it in one piece... Oh, by the way, while I'm on the subject of unfinished blog posts; I still haven't posted "The Sirius Connection" only the drawings that one time "Pina Colada song night" (what the fuck#$%^&*?) goodnight.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

AC/DC - For Those About To Rock

I didn't cop out, keep scrolling down....

It's kind of fun but I have a new motivation for pumpin' iron;)

When I said "pull off" resort look I kind of mostly meant pull off clothes, get it, get it hahaha the lame jokes continue...

I looked for my white heavy weight cotton bell bottoms but couldn't find them...I used to have some white corduroy bell bottoms; bought them on melrose (2005) wore them in LA, a trip to South Beach in the winter with brown shoes, it kind of worked for me (wow I'm even talking about clothes)... Blue jean don't really work, but perhaps my brown equestrian pants (seeing those shoes in the pic below), stove top cowboy boots hmmm... The best look would be a six pack and tattoos - that might take a while...and holding a beer because you gotta be relaxed in an outfit like this...

I would accessorize with an AC/DC wrist sweat band - I suddenly like wearing this thing hmmm???? Maybe it's an insane asylum look that I hit on! Don't let me out (!) just at home around the pool;) God dam Star Wars just popped into my mind... Oh yes! Jedi - i'm an idiot...what kind of tea am i drinking (as I seriously contemplate this)...

And wow! a new level of respect for you guys and gals that post your outfit or random pictures of yourselves etc

AC/DC - For Those About To Rock ORIGINAL VIDEO

alright a little bit of chin, awkward pose and all...


Guy's car I talked to outside thrift store (hey dude!)...gave him my blog info he likes taking pictures too - matches outfit.

We'll give you everything you need
Hail hail to the good times
'Cause rock has got the right of way
We ain't no legend, ain't no cause
We're just livin' for today

For those about to rock, we salute you
For those about to rock, we salute you

We rock at dawn on the front line
Like a bolt right out of the blue
The sky's alight with the guitar bite
Heads will roll and rock tonight

For those about to rock, we salute you
For those about to rock, we salute you
For those about to rock, we salute you
Yes we do
For those about to rock, we salute you

Oooh, salute!
Oooh, ooooh yeah

We're just a battery for hire with a guitar fire
Ready and aimed at you
Pick up your balls and load up your cannon
For a twenty-one gun salute

For those about to rock - fire
We salute you
For those about to rock, we salute you
Those about to rock - fire
We salute you
We salute you
We salute you
Come on, whooa
For those about to rock, we salute you
For those about to rock, we salute you
For those about to rock, we salute you
For those about to rock, we salute you

Shoot, shoot
Shoot, shoot

For those who give, for those who take
(Ain't gonna get tired, won't take a break, we salute you.)

We salute you
We salute you
We salute you



10 minute drive-in intermission

I've written so many things in my notebook...

I think I might go boil some water...

Meanwhile I'm going (to try) and take a portrait of my self wearing my Korean made thick cotton asian style thigh length slits on both side "robe" it has a nice pattern it's very "textiley" - I'm going to try and pull-off (hahaha) a resort situation but I would most like to figure out how to use it for an outfit (syntax...I read Proust? I just like the covers;) ...

For all my loyal followers:

candid pictures

10 minute drive-in intermission

P.S. this might take longer then 10min


Let's Dance...

David Bowie - Let's Dance (1983)
thnks for d vid MickyClubMix

Let's dance put on your red shoes and dance the blues

Let's dance to the song
they're playin' on the radio

Let's sway
while color lights up your face
Let's sway
sway through the crowd to an empty space

If you say run, I'll run with you
If you say hide, we'll hide
Because my love for you
Would break my heart in two
If you should fall
Into my arms
And tremble like a flower

Let's dance for fear
your grace should fall
Let's dance for fear tonight is all

Let's sway you could look into my eyes
Let's sway under the moonlight,
this serious moonlight

If you say run, I'll run with you
If you say hide, we'll hide
Because my love for you
Would break my heart in two
If you should fall
Into my arms
And tremble like a flower

Let's dance put on your red shoes
and dance the blues

Let's dance to the song
they're playin' on the radio

Let's sway you could look into my eyes
Let's sway under the moonlight,
this serious moonlight


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I was having a Twitter moment...

[update 10:31PM a little quick on the draw with second song selection, I became enamored w/ Boy George forgot song lyrics; didn't mean "that," and I needed a "2nd cover" to maintain the "beat" of my joking (it's not like I sat here planning a joke, u.k.w.i.m.). I figured I would clarify since I'm fairly specific usually (not every single word of course), and being that thats my kind of thing;)]

...earlier, I couldn't get past the first 69 characters/spaces (yes sometimes I'm ridiculous like that, had to count twice too) was like a psycho-emotional response; it actually took me a couple minutes to compose myself; oh and a picture too, wait a minute, how interesting..

*I love this cover.

Warpaint - Ashes To Ashes (David Bowie Cover)
thanks! dudygee

*This cover too...

Au Revoir Simone - Oh! You Pretty Things
thanks for the vid Izaguirreg2

It's funny what the publishers did on this cover; I'm sure they joked about it and the graphic designers probably thought it was funny too; unless they had no clue about Proust etc. guy or gal (probably smoking) another day just doing job figuring out what font to use... Marcel Proust "Time" magazine (what a riot). I understand, because it's about the same kind of excitement I feel having the violet "proust" font match the flowers. This is turning into lame-comparison-joke Tuesday. OK my precious time is up that I gave myself to write this got to run out the door I know I'm going to have to write about all these pictures this is how it usually goes down nobody sees my lame jokes because I usually edit them out...

* thanks again Ana "Dance Magic Dance" I'd never heard those covers or some of those songs until I heard on your show a couple days ago. ...KZSC every Monday awesome 1-3PM


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Float on a river for ever...

11:52PM [ [...] goodnight:) ]

Pin Ups was the first of two "1960's nostalgia" albums that Bowie had planned to release. The second, which was planned to be called "Bowie-ing Out," would have contained Bowie covering his favorite American artists, but was never recorded.[4]

In the album booklet, Bowie himself describes Pin Ups as:

"These songs are among my favourites from the '64–67' period of London. / Most of the groups were playing the Ricky-Tick (was it a 'y' or an 'i'?) -Scene club circuit (Marquee, eel pie island la-la). / Some are still with us. / Pretty Things, Them, Yardbirds, Syd's Pink Floyd, Mojos, Who, Easybeats, Merseys, The Kinks. / Love-on ya!"

David Bowie - Anyway Anyhow Anywhere

David Bowie - See Emily Play
thanks beeb1992

David Bowie 1973, I Can't Explain From Pinups
thanks for the vid prisonerfan

Shapes of Things-David Bowie

Released 19 October 1973 (1973-10-19)
Recorded July 1973, Château d'Hérouville, Hérouville, France
Genre Rock, glam rock
Length 33:42
Label RCA Records
Rykodisc/EMI Reissue 13 July 1990 (1990-07-13)
EMI/Virgin Reissue 28 September 1999 (1999-09-28)
Producer Ken Scott, David Bowie

thanks Wiki


thanks Ana "Dance Magic Dance" caught your show yesterday - KZSC every Monday awesome 1-3PM

David Bowie - Moonage daydream
thnks mejorconmusica

David Bowie stay
thanks 4 vid eliseandnicky

David Bowie Sons of the Silent Age
thanks FallingDown08

Moonage Daydream

I'm an alligator, I'm a mama-papa comin' for you
I'm the space invader, I'll be a rock'n'rollin' bitch for you
Keep your mouth shut, you're squawking like a pink monkey bird
And I'm busting up my brains for the words
Keep your 'lectric eye on me babe
Put your ray gun to my head
Press your space face close to mine, love
Freak out in the moonage daydream oh! yea!
Don't fake it baby, lay the real thing on me
The church of man, love, is such a holy place to be
Make me baby, make me know you really care
Make me jump into the air
Keep your 'lectric eye on me babe
Put your ray gun to my head
Press your space face close to mine, love
Freak out in the moonage daydream oh! yea!

David Bowie Kooks Sounds of the 70's: Bob Harris 1971
thank u for the video Astorte


This week dragged past me
so slowly
The days fell on their knees
Maybe I'll take something to help me
Hope someone takes after me
I guess there's always some change in the weather
This time I know we could
get it together
If I did casually mention tonight
That would be crazy tonight

Stay - that's what I meant to say or do something
But what I never say is
stay this time
I really meant to so bad this time
'Cause you can never really tell
When somebody wants something you want too

Heart wrecker, heart wrecker,
make me delight
Right is so vague when it brings someone new
This time tomorrow I'll know what to do
I know it's happened to you

Stay - that's what I meant to say or do something
But what I never say is
stay this time
I really meant to so bad this time
'Cause you can never really tell
When somebody
Wants something or wants to stay


Sons Of The Silent Age

Sons of the silent age
Stand on platforms
blank looks and note books
Sit in back rows
of city limits
Lay in bed coming
and going on easy terms
Sons of the silent age
Pace their rooms
like a cell's dimensions
Rise for a year or two
then make war
Search through their one inch thoughts
Then decide it couldn't be done

Baby, I'll never let you go
All I see is all I know
Let's find another way down
(sons of sound and sons of sound)
Baby, baby, I'll never let you down
I can't stand another sound
Let's take another way in
(sons of sound and sons of sound)

Sons of the silent age
Listen to tracks by Sam Therapy
and King Dice
Sons of the silent age
Pick up in bars
and cry only once
Sons of the silent age
Make love only once
but dream and dream
They don't walk,
they just glide in and out of life
They never die,
they just go to sleep one day


(Sons of sound and sons of sound)
Baby, baby, baby, fire away!


Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm So Happy When You're Near + $ cash money at the pool...

[P.S. this started as a quick paragraph and then turned a bit Proustian; well not that long;) ]

[P.S.S. Also, I think I could tell this story in about 1 minute...verbally]

At the pool tonight, I was pretty relaxed and even whistling especially since it was my 3rd hot shower of the day. Every day...home + locker room before/after, I linger too (daydream) it's bad i waste a lot of water, I confess. I guess that's part of the whole "swimming thing" too, ahh hot showers.

I was whistling, there's a bluebird on my shoulder (previous post people, the synth part)..., with my head under the hot air blower, that's so nice too...

I looked over and saw some money, two fives and a one laying on the floor of the locker room.

It was busy,,,I thought two seconds it's gone, nope.

So I pick it up and walk 10 feet to the lockers...(there were 5 people, from where they were standing they could have seen it.)

Maybe it was the tan Pendelton shirt I was wearing and my hat and shoes...and I was so relaxed.

"yo man u drop sum cash?"

Or I could have said all chirpy like...

"hey guys i found some money over there it must belong to one of you guys,,, right?"

Remember I was whistling blue bird...

maybe cuz I waved it sort of gangsta like 2, they thought I was a drug dealer? BTW for the most part bad dudes don't come to this pool...

They just looked at me and shook their heads; seriously these guys were like 18, 19, 20... People joke around a lot, especially at my pool, it's like a happy pool, people do have fun there; and especially the younger people that go there, so I was expecting a, "hell yeah," or "yu found my monie bro, thanks vato" that's what I was expecting. In my mind I was like - what?

I tried. I even lingered a bit... I almost left but waited outside.

"yo man u loosse sum munnie?"

One guys like yeah, he looked tuff too (two guys and a girl). [seriously these kids are cool they fuck around a lot they didn't look up tight or anything, the girl was smiling]

Awh, I guess it was his lunch money or something - seriously though next time he'll be more careful - anyone else it would have been long gone...

"wuts the cereal numba man?" I even said it joking...

He looks at me, I don't know them. [seriously (fuck) you crack a joke, again I was like what???]

"Here is 6 i'm keeping 5"


I paused

[I've come to notice, at the pool, some tough looking kids/guys are actually kind of nice].

I said "that's fucked up man, here you go"

I started smiling and laughing to make him feel better...

Apparently he was looking down and changing when I waved the cash but his friends saw me and didn't say anything when he said I lost some money; and I kept waiting for them any second to look for me, I was around the corner rolling up my towel...I figured it might be their money but I wasn't positive...

I had shaved too (finally). There are lots of clean cut drug dealers and "gangstas" the smart ones anyways don't flaunt it, not that I know any first hand. I guess that hat the shoes and buttoned up Pendelton plus all that swimming added up to an attitude and I was whistling "blue bird" to my self... I'm not mean (at all) but someone a few years ago told me that I do at times "look it" or seem really disinterested... At the time I was more then likely just depressed or being pensive. I don't really fuck with people like that either (maybe for 2 seconds (very lightly) and then give them a break) but these guys were just too "not looking out for each other"...

It's usually pretty quiet but on recreational swim night there are a lot of young people and families and it's usually the same people. It's kind of cool the fact that on weeknights they hang out at the pool, the lap lanes separate the shallow end from the deep where there is a diving board.

This guy I talk too that usually swims laps; he didn't swim at all tonight because he was talking to a girl - the entire time. The last few weeks I've noticed that he's slowly started flirting with her. Most everyone had left the pool, I was about last; they were oblivious, he was treading water and she was holding onto the side. I'm happy for him. And you know what, she is really slender and he is not. I've been giving him dieting tips...a-ha it makes sense why he started asking me all of a sudden and he's been swimming more too and rather fiercely.

I got out of the pool. Sometimes it gets rowdy with the horse play especially in the shower, they bang on the walls "we will rock you" and the shower curtains don't last; it's funnier then hell the jokes they tell and how they talk to and treat each other. I kind of keep my eye on this one kid because he get a bit intense, he's hyper and rather physical about it, essentially a bully. I tried out this mono fin tonight,,,I guess I was being playful too;)

The Shaggs - I'm so happy when you're near

thanks for the vid justaglimmer

The Shaggs

I'm So Happy When You're Near

I'm so happy when you're near
I'm so sad when you're away
I've been happy almost every day
Now that you're here to stay

But when you have to leave
Then I'll start to grieve

Every week you have to go
Every time it's a different road
I never know what to do
I'm so lonesome without you

When you're far away
You are always in my dreams
And when you're home to stay
We make a perfect team

It's so hard to have to wait for you
To ride into the gate
But when you get there
We have many news and feelings to share

I know it has to be
I know it can't be changed
But sometimes I think we are
Completely insane

If we could see each other more
It wouldn't be so bad
If we could only find the open door
We wouldn't be so sad

So until we find the right door
You'll have to leave again
And once more both our lives will be
Very dim

Instead of going jogging and lifting weights yesterday...

...(i keep telling myself i'm going to work-out) I ate nachos and watched Superbad 1 -1/2 times...i had fun trying to decide which of the three principal characters I would most want to be or enjoy being (or most like,,,,prob all 3) [10 min later] i better post this quick and get to the pool... [wow my blog looks like night...]

Rbl Posse-Blue Bird[remix]

thanks for the vid Ligit510

Pink Skull - Drugs Will Keep Us Together

Thanks for the vid "jdiephaus" kthanks, ok;)

GALINHA1256 (1 month ago)
i wanna make love listening to this SONG :D

i would gO funking mental ! hahah

hardcoregummybear (2 weeks ago)

believe me you dont want to.. when the song is over  u feel very weird..x DDD

Adam And The Ants - Goody Two Shoes

thanks for the vid myrrd

I wish I could swim like this... "it's a long way to the top of you want to rock & roll" ACDC

Alexander Popov swimming technique

Thanks mkfromdk

Grant Hackett Front Crawl Technique

thanks for the vid abbamom

Grant Hackett Front Crawl Technique


Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Rolling Stones - Wild Horses - 1975

The Rolling Stones - Wild Horses - 1975
thnk u Jaggerzita2

Wild Horses
Songwriters: Richards, K; Jagger, M;

Childhood living is easy to do
The things you wanted, I bought them for you
Graceless lady, you know who I am
You know I can't let you slide through my hands

Wild horses couldn't drag me away
Wild, wild horses, couldn't drag me away

I watched you suffer a dull aching pain
Now you decided to show me the same
No sweeping exits or offstage lines
Could make me feel bitter or treat you unkind

Wild horses couldn't drag me away
Wild, wild horses, couldn't drag me away

I know I've dreamed you, a sin and a lie
I have my freedom but I don't have much time
Faith has been broken, tears must be cried
Let's do some living, after we die

Wild horses couldn't drag me away
Wild, wild horses, we'll ride them some day
Wild horses couldn't drag me away
Wild, wild horses, we'll ride them some day


Cherry Tree...


Killing An Arab...

[update 11:01 AM]

The Cure - Killing An Arab

Sunday March 18th

Sublime - Paddle Out

The Cure - The Walk

the cure love cats

[update 3:15AM ]

The Cure - Close to Me

The Cure - In Between Days

The Cure - Killing an Arab


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Steppin' Out...


Steppin' Out

I'm imagining that you might be sitting close to me...

If your feet were on my lap it might seem like I'm ignoring you. First of course you would take off your shoes, but first of course the thought would occur to you. I'm smiling now imagining the intimacy it seems so real; your legs would form a sort of triangle would your mind let go and trust me so, to be the shifting sand? What is the plan, what would we talk about? Perhaps I would awkwardly bring up your shoes, that seems sort of like I'm boring you.

To be so free and buzz like a bee, you'd be talking and maw-king, your heels and bones unconscious toes; I would grab them and cup them with my hand and stretch them by squeezing them so, they would relax. (I know that toes get tense. At the pool I notice as I'm about to push off leaning back, I'll pause and stretch.) You might be talking on the phone or be there with a friend. I might be reading about ducks, or spices - hypothesis. It wouldn't matter (of course) if your feet were awkward or if their sweaty or if your legs weren't gazzellee....

Eventually I would push them down, no that seems too brusk; I would gently lift them and sort of guide them --- to my shins. No I couldn't, I couldn't reach. You would have to want to twist and slide up closer and and try to reach and maybe grab my wrist. I would put my book down for a second and raise my arm and guide you in. I would make sure your comfortable; I'd squeeze you tight and make sure you fit. Your friend(s) might have gotten up or hesitated a bit. It would be quick, but I would take the time it wouldn't be far. The top of your head, I'd move your hair it might tickle my nose; I might have to grab your head a little close. I'd aim for a broad spot and see your nose, try not to sigh and go too far - - - and plant a kiss, on your forehead.

The Cure - The Last Day of Summer

Nico singing Heroes

Joe Jackson - Steppin' Out (1982)


Friday, March 16, 2012



I'm the head of a new
religion it's a kind of sky
cult goddess worship thing

initiation is easy you
must do two things
find a rock about
the size of a shoe box
it could be anywhere
i'll go with thee...

start in the desserts then
go by the sea if unsuccessful take a deep breath
this could take a while
there is a pile

underneath this rock you'll
find a spell most won't understand
or appreciate it's significance
times ten times ten and again
and again

the wisdom and magic are clear
clear as a day and dark as a night
when the moon shines bright
yet better still on a waning or waxing flight

it can only be felt it's an equals fight
creations riddle the universe alight
the stars explode is the ultimate
rite following following running then

It's not so much about worship or adoration's pulpit
though that is tolerated
venerate on impulse
your presence is optional just show up and be counted

the goddess aglaze the oracles spout
a sepulcher morning

(at brunch I'm adorning)
(at lunch I'm adoring)

be devout heed what's high

the second thing is simply a warning
you can search and still not
find the mystery hidden inside
just a warning don't go a rye
it could be outside it's fun don't hide
patience love delirious chide

The Cure - Primary

[S.S. shoes,,,,i crack up ;)]


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


[11:49 PM final edit] [update *10:43AM bottom;) **10:49]

Tonight she comes - The Cars

I was going to post this song on Jan. 19th but decided it might be too much, perhaps overkill (?) BTW I'm not referring to the title - wait,,,am I the only one with a dirty mind? ;) It's the rest of the lyrics... It's kind of like that thing where a racy song back in the day (1950's) seems so innocent or innocuous now...

I wrote some stuff in my notebook earlier...I think I'm going to lay in bed and continue where I left off. It includes my observations of a Streak-backed Oriole, I'm not that great at drawing, I think thats what I saw, I was surprised I thought they only resided in the South (?) I'm definitely not a bird expert, just a wanna be, an enthusiast; perhaps spring is coming early, "2012" polar axis shift,,,interstellar gravity waves, who knows????

Streak-backed Oriole

I'm kinda liking doing that (writing in my notebook) even if it's for five minutes... I had kinda gotten away from doing that...goodnight

/// ///

* 10:43AM

212 by Azealia Banks (Official Video)

Azealia Banks - 212 Lyrics
Damn!!! thanks lMakeLyrics

Sublime - Paddle Out
[...then,,,Rapunzel, I climb through your window...]

** 10:49AM "tonight she comes" sometimes you would appear...


juliahronn (2 weeks ago)

i thouht this song was more.. innocent That Mickey mouse sweater was missleading.

christinahoops (2 months ago)

@2011tellyaddict Women are becoming more sexually empowered. I'd say this is 10 times better everything currently on the radio. This is more raw. I like it.

chachacrunch (15 hours ago)

n n n n n n

enitsuj93 (1 day ago)

What you gon do when I eat a pear?

Akumigami (1 day ago)

I only really get the general jist of her words but I still find myself wiggling to it and putting it on repeat anyway. xD

MightBeQuiteInsane (1 day ago)

kill to see this live.

xLadyGrinningSoulx (1 day ago)

holy shit this bitch is gooooooood

begbie497 (1 day ago)

Outstanding :)

shannonhealy864 (1 day ago)

lethal tune!:)

Jordan4601 (1 day ago)

@MaynardRachel lol