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SebastiAn - Motor

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From William Faulkner's Nobel Prize address: "I believe that man will not merely endure: he will prevail. He is immortal, not because he alone among creatures has an inexhaustible voice, but because he has a soul, a spirit capable of compassion and sacrifice and endurance."


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"Tops" The Rolling Stones


Always tryin' stuff out, I might have to re-visit this concept, and a bit of my experimental wardrobe styling, the heels, that grey thing hangin (dress), I miss that hat. #Imnofashionista: But sometimes I'll find a piece and start wondering how it could be shot and I've always been blessed with adventurous models, Lauren here might have been the most gung-ho that's another of those less-is-more stories;)

The Rolling Stones "Tops"

thnks imaStonesFan

Really? The one with the tri-pod (! ?)... rrr because there are two d.u.k.w.i.m.? If so it's one of those teardrop-laughing at the same time emotions:)

9:20 AM OO-la-la I can go on and on (and no time to edit blah blah blah it looks alright) but I've got to run...I'll save it as an idea for another blogpost:)

Howlin' Wolf - Meet Me In The Bottom

thnks TheQuicksilverdog

TheQuicksilverdog (1 year ago)

He was my favorite. I was blessed with seeing him in a small dancehall called the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco in 1967.

alyssabienka (1 week ago)

originally Delta Bluesman.... Most Of The Greats Came From Good Ole Mississippi


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=^.^= Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

That watery planet Kamino looks pretty cool!

goodnight:) [ ... ;) ]

9:12 AM song...

The Velvet Underground and Nico - I'll Be Your Mirror ( with lyric inside )

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Update: 9:45 AM songs/pics

Trying to decide if I should have that 5th cup of coffee;)

Billy Idol - Blue Highway

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Billy Idol - Catch My Fall (Original Music Video)br />

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SebastiAn - Motor

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Fiona Glascott - Anton Chekhov's "The Duel"


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Like A Duck...

6:51 PM P.S Blondie Song (bottom)

6:38 PM middle paragraph below song.

Like A Duck...

I'm so lucky
like a duck-ee
I swim and fly
and *Wanderlust

I float and sigh
a cracky-quack
The rain drops roll
right off my back.

I like my rye
and my liquor
I watch some scenes
I see them flicker

The Black Swan -
pretty big duck-ee
The Bride of Chuck-ee
He's also luck-ee...

The Seven Seas Of Rhye by Queen with lyrics

thanks ordan1467900

* After watching Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (Mr. & Mrs. Smith) the other night, a random thought about what movies Jennifer Aniston has been in popped into my the best of my knowledge I've never used the word "wanderlust" spoken or written, so just in case I Googled;)

evolution of a human while listening to this for the first time

AwesomePersonGirl 4 months ago 14

What is the seven seas of rhye

Debbles1979 1 month ago

[ 6:38 PM ... ]

I like staring at my dry-erase board (from gallery days), then doing of course [Some days are more productive then others, I've learned to stop feeling guilty and just starting again and again chipping away and then it adds up and you feel better and then do it again, and too also rest as needed or work through it and come out stronger.] In permanent marker, top left it says Pompidou (we did have a worthy artist! Interesting story.) and it also says, "Dan wants to borrow a mic stand" ...right-on! Wow dry-erase boards are so cool it seems to work for my daily stuff I need to get done and bigger goals along top. Yeah, I always have to remind myself that lots of hard work is always needed; on top of the daydreaming.  And it's always nice to see good reminders and inspiration to work smart and probably most important to think outside of the box; it's easy (I think it's human nature) to get trapped in square thinking.

Yesterday, I helped a friend move some heavy furniture out of his office and I snagged some magazines; and I was randomly lucky finding $10 bucks in a Whole Foods parking lot (we stood around for a while talking); and then later someone gave me a Fosters, (it was warm), it's in the fridge now - yes! tonight after swimming! I'm counting all my blessings...

Box Office magazine pg. 25
"I said to myself, "Look at these Spartans. Look at their intent, and look at their work ethic." You can always asume, whoever your troops are, [that] your king has done more. If I am Leonidas, I want to stand there and know I've put in the work, and, when I stand there and talk about taking them to their death, and I stand there and talk about going up against a million people, I can do that in utter confidence and utter a lion. I wanted to be that person who stood up there and have people say, "He did work his balls off. He does have our respect." You wouldn't want to see a skinny-ass actor yelling, "Give me more armor!"

"Since I was going to be running around in just a cape and a cod piece, I didn't want to spend months saying, "Oh damn, I should have worked harder."

Gerard Butler

P.S. lots of king motifs here and there (recurring:)  but just to be clear, I'm humble, and song follows...

Blondie - I'm Always Touched By Your Presence, Dear (Live)

thanks C3MC2

(I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear

Was it destiny?
I don't know yet.
Was it just by chance?
Could this be kismet?
Something in my consciousness told me you'd appear,
Now I'm always touched by your presence, dear.
When we play at cards you use an extra sense.
(It's really not cheating)
You can read my hand, I've got no defense.
When you sent your messages whispered loud and clear,
I am always touched by your presence, dear.
Floating pass the evidence of possibilities.
We could navigate together,psychic frequencies.
Coming into contact with outer entities.
We could entertain each one with our theosophies.
Stay awake at night and count your R.E.M.'s when you're talking with your super friends.
Levitating lovers in the secret stratosphere.
I am still in touch with your presence, dear.
I am still in touch with your presence, dear.
I am still in touch with your presence, dear, dear, dear, dear, dear.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

* "If rivers were of wisky...

and I was a diving duck I would dive right too the bottom and drink my way back up"

* 2:02AM I would never give up: I would sell my soul to Lucifer and become a duck, if such was the case!

1:00AM I just got back from picking-up my grandmother at SFO...

The Rolling Stones - Wild Horses - 1975
thnk u Jaggerzita2

Wild Horses
Songwriters: Richards, K; Jagger, M;

I'd never XOXO... "treat you unkind"

True Religion, I love this pair so much!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Off The Wall

9:33PM I'm going to fix myself a "dinner-snack" and finally watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith:)

2:54 PM Heard this MJ song on the car radio a little while ago.


thanks BigMTown4

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

I'm not some foreign film buff and I kind of didn't like this movie though I'll still randomly watch it thinking I might (now I do;), you have to be in the mood - I think I'll watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith and crash after a few, also since I've seen most of this trying to find pictures... For a minute I thought I knew French but I was just reading the subtitles. Hmm maybe I'll wake-up, I put a movie in because all of a sudden my internet connection got really slow slow - I'm starting to wake-up now - I just remembered i bought a beer (it's like 2 little ones) a Fosters (awh big sigh Australia - - you know, fun in the sun;) ...but then again that might put me right to sleep... Now I'm getting hungry mmm-mm there was a scene a little while ago mashed potatoes and red wine (I thought about getting some of that box red wine and keeping it in my darkroom, just a shot now and then, sometimes it gets hot a beer sounds better; that was my reward last summer for getting it all set-up: the trays, the chems, dusting the negative etc), I'd wait till the first was in the developer and crack open an ice cold one - it was 95 degrees in there (its warm again now) in the dark, red light...) - for some reason that sounds so good, it's like comfort food, I guess.

Actually, that movie sounds like it's going to be noisy; I think I'll just "finish that chapter."

Steely Dan - Peg (With Lyrics)

thanks for the video JaBluRo835

Peg I've seen your picture Your name in lights above it This is your big debut It's like a dream come true And when you smile for the camera I know they're love it I got your pin shot I keep it with your letter Done up in blueprint blue It sure looks good on you So won't you smile for the camera I know I'll love you better Peg It will come back to you Peg It will come back to you Then the shutter falls You see it all in 3-D It's your favorite foreign movie


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** * Frank Sinatra part 2

* 10:47AM Astrid post, update - miss kittin / beach volleyball

I've been trying to install more RAM in my MAC ran into some
hicups...i'm using my cell phone. First order of house keeping will
be to delink that Miss Kitten song because somethings are more
important likethat old fashioned stuff, chivalry: Being a gentelman
around ladies... But i'll leave the song title to represent creative
freedom and tieing that into that "not over-thinking" theme. I told my
swim buddy tonight that i used our conversation yesterday, that theme
of over thinking for a blog post. We ended up talking about making
small goals and building up to those big dreams. Of course I was
thinking and doingthat already. It's nice to hear and see those
reminders. These days i'm tempering my inate ways a little with a bit
more forethought. All this writing on my blog has changed me for the
better... I feel like i'm thinking clearer and also i'm "feeling" a
lot of new things which are different then i could have imagined; its
made a world of difference to me, for that i'm greatfull. Good night.

** 11:53AM

'There Are Such Things' - Frank Sinatra (1940)

thanks trooper7h

Ian Thorpe Freestyle Technique

Ian Thorpe Freestyle Technique

thanks catnai2008 )

[... :) ]

P.S. just got handed a free donut - I better get to the pool


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

* Astrid & Frank Sinatra

update 10:43AM volleyball Miss Kittin

I was about to post this last night, I was feeling like a goody 2 shoes, and thought I would sleep on it - then I was out all day... There is probably another song but Frank Sinatra works for this picture and on other levels and because kaih8941 used F.S. mug shots awesome (...I think because she's holding back containing a smirk - insert song)- I'm not even sure if i'm going to use this one for a portfolio etc, it looks dark on my friend's monitor. That's how it should go (soap box, swimming analogy)over thinking can be bad, I'm all for planning etc etc, but just like my freestyle technique - I've swum a couple times recently in the ocean, first time tossed around, second time it was cool it all clicked - sometimes at the pool it's smooth sailing like a lake, it's to easy too over analyze and I tend to do too many drills trying to be perfect and it backfires. Today it all clicked - those drills payed off, my body knew what to do. Today was the first time I stayed up with the swim team kids - I was wearing fins - they're fast. They're are so many times I thought my technique had clicked - I've had brilliant moments but I realized my body wasn't able to sustain it - you need the right muscles conditioning etc. I've often thought how I could have easily quit - like yesterday I felt awful - one of my swim buddies said I was probably over thinking and how it was a Monday pool closed Sunday etc etc. That's right.

I think I'm doing all right with life, considering I tend to be slow or do things the hard way, sometimes out of stubbornness. It's taken me a long time to accept myself. Last year I showed my photography portfolio for the first time (and come to think of it, haven't since but going too soon) - so I went all the way to NYC. I don't have a lap top and I almost got an I phone before going there but decided I was just going to force myself to interact with people instead of researching to death (for instance) - that's how I got around to showing my portfolio at a really cool magazine. Once I got to the receptionist and waited around I was like oh shit - if I would have looked at their website I would have talked myself out of it, I hadn't even looked at their new magazine just an old one from the 90's (different editor) - it was really cool - looked at all my pictures - they said keep working hard and stay in touch - down the road type thing... I got a job at a boutique much the same way, in Soho, talked to the owner - I wrote about this once and erased.

I'm writing all this to remind myself. I'm a died in the wool introvert and thinking about the wrong things or about them the wrong way is bad for me. I wrote a bunch of things in my notebook sitting in the car earlier and I even researched something - it said you got to make your own luck. I was wondering about that and I think I know what they mean. When I had my gallery all kind of things would happen - if your cynical you would say it's because you had a gallery. But I even remember thinking this at the time that I could have totally just "faked" it or I think there is another way to put that and I'm not talking about being a bullshiter; because I met a lot of people outside the gallery, it's kind of like being enthusiastic and taking risks. There are lots of art dealers that don't have galleries and they make a lot of money - it helps to be a smooth talker and know your stuff and be in the right circles etc. You just got to do it (of course) but I have to give my self a pep talk occasionally - because months and months go by and I know I'm progressing but sometimes it seems so far off - I Googled being stuck in a small town.

One other thing - at my friends house using his case this sounds totally random. Also, back during those gallery days - a friend who was wise - would often comment on the meaning of life and all the interesting people that would grace our presence... Of course you can search the internet or go to a library, walk down the street, look around there is cool shit everywhere, perhaps know someone or know of really cool interesting people that are the shit - icons.  Still have you ever searched and searched and still not felt satisfied because you keep imagining there's got to be more, or is that it? Wizard of Oz analogy: A lot of times there is - you can't see everything and sometimes the best stuff is the most simple sweet stuff in life - not the Taj Mahal, thought that's pretty damn cool.  You have to realize  - no one else is going to do it - it's up to you.  

out of context now;)

Ellen Allien - I wait for you

thanks 4 thevideo KLOD9093

*insert volleyball analogy: "get it, get it, "O" gets-it and makes the perfect set-up for "X" who instead of spiking-it gently with his fingertips fakes-out his opponent and the ball floats over the net and gently bounces on the sand for the winning point;) "

Miss Kittin & The Hacker - Frank Sinatra (Full Version *no bullshit)

thnks kaih8941

Ellen Allien - Caress

Starbuilds Faves ~ Ellen Allien "Funkenflug der Träume"

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Bow Wow Wow

Julee Cruise - Falling on Top of the Pops

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* Post (2nd below) - these two;)

The Pretenders - Message Of Love

thnks basetapes

I've always loved this song and how the ending changes tempo and on the video too.

Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky

thanks for the video VideoClipRevival

* [...]


* 9:39AM post below this one...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

* All Things Considered

Teens Seek Sage Advice On 'Ask A Grown Man'

thanks NPR

X: "O" This was so random!!! I've been following this blog Style Rookie, since last summer (I think) and I heard her on the radio,,,Tavi Gevinson! So random! Just now on NPR while I was out doing errands. I couldn't believe it:)

O: That's not s-o-w-e random (your always exaggerating) aren't you always listening to NPR in the afternoon?

X: No way! I was channel surfing and stopped to listen to a Michael Jackson song then switched stations and I had to change lanes... NPR phff, b-o-r-i-n-g, the announcers or journalist always sound so damn monotone or it's sing-song and nuance this, nuance that and they always mention Sri Lanka. Wait maybe that's BBC? I've stopped composting recently, I feel so guilty about it - NPR just reminds me about all that, ya know...

[X likes the composting process, the bugs, decay etc but doesn't have a green thumb (he's thinking he might simply by a couple pots and ready made soil and grow house plants, instead of vegetables (he grew so attached: when after careful tending his asian radishes and white pumpkins didn't grow much, he was crying when he finally pulled them but then got excited when he realized he could throw them in the compost pile;)]

[O knows this fact]

O: [rolling eyes - so stupid it's almost funny can't believe the shit you say kind of expression] That's so dumb...

* It's a pretty song and I did hear it before landing on ATC. Not all the lyrics, of course not XOXOXO the title:)

never can say goodbye-michael jackson & the jacksons R.I.

thanks mdb151

Drill #4: Catch Up Drill

X: See ya later O off to the pool

O: [somewhat sarcastically likes to make fun of X] Don't forget your special shampoo

{I happened to find a bottle it was almost empty so I kept it: California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo & Bodywash No Fragrance - For Babies Kids and Sensitive Adults}

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Good Nights Sleep (Undercover)

11:20PM (songs) time to count those dream sheep

Factory Girl - The Rolling Stones

thanks MultiRandom32

Coolness: Stones doing political commentary 2 a dub-new wave beat (thnks wiki)- I've always loved the album art 4 undercover - ever since I first saw as a kid.

Undercover Of The Night - The Rolling Stones

thanks Tynorman10

Holy crap! I hadn't realized how much of a "journal-er" I've been, a lot of it is miscellaneous notes too. It had kind of slowed down the last couple years, till recently. [4:32PM I've got to split: I feel like I need to edit this, see it takes energy to write two versions (sometimes thats the case);) (perhaps) think of it as two for the price of one;) French Connection - I'm missing a song...] You've got to massage these things sometimes that's when the good stuff gets written... To be continued...

Last night I was at the pool kicking on my back taking a breather; it felt really good thinking about stuff, it's hard to describe "peace" might come close. Also, it felt good being tired and still getting stuff done; I can usually function on just a few hours of sleep but this was different. I tried shutting off the electricity but it's wired independently.

Moving stuff for the alarm guy yesterday I happened upon a bunch of my notebooks. I looked through them of course and it got me reminiscing. Epic failure epic fun all wrapped into one (it was awesome)...Santa Monica Blvd has a nostalgic place in my heart; the beach on one end, all kinds of stuff in the middle, and studios dive bars and cozy bungalows on the other (thats where I should have looked for bungalows, made more sense, I went west - good deal actually. I can think about it fondly now, for a while I was flinching going anywhere near there; I had done a couple photo shoots and then didn't go back for about 3 years until recently. It's so important and so simple: The one thing that I never got on my last "extended stay" was a good nights sleep. It was an adventure living in my gallery it was like a never ending hang-out (at all hours). I finally couldn't stand it and I got one of those cozy bungalow situations but it was rather impractical being an hour away. The traffic was never an issue because it was always after midnight going and lunch time coming back - I liked the drive.

I'm going to LA soon, one place that I'm going out of way to make specific plans for; appointments and lunch with a friend. It's fun planning: I'm more concerned with what to take - In recent years I've been trying to be super minimal. I was practicing for a while visiting my friend in SF seeing how little I could get away with - it's kind of liberating. I put it to use going to NYC last year - a realization: Having too much white - you have to do laundry or have more clothes.

That bungalow situation was heavenly (putting practicality aside: I might have made better decisions back then If I had something to ground me...), a couch and plants, a little garden and small pond just outside the front door. Coming home to a good nights sleep, that's probably one of the best things ever. Perhaps some nights are extra extra quiet but thats good... Maybe that allows you to be extra high energy during the day and/or maybe when you have to go somewhere (someplace hectic or for enjoyment) knowing that you can find some peace of mind at the end of the day, that dream you can take with you...

One of my "chief concerns" was placing these large speakers up high facing out the window on some random night or on Saturday afternoon when people would line up on the front lawn of the Hollywood Forever cemetery - in the summer they screen movies outside on the wall of a mausoleum. How strange - I never went to see a movie there???

Thanks E.B. for the pictures and the work you did.

Sleepless Nights

FM Attack - Sleepless Nights

The last few nights (in the middle of the night!) randomly and for instance at 3AM like some scary haunted house movie, the house alarm punch pad would beep incessantly; the power outage shorted something; I finally connected with the alarm technician and two hours later he disconnected the whole thing and told me to call an ATT technician - something with the phone line, this is an old house etc.

This morning I had to get myself into coffee overload then decided to make prints, (it wasn't the coffee, somethings gotten into me it wasn't even 9AM? I'm suddenly "Mr. Productive"); I was just about to lock myself in when he showed up... I should take a nap but I don't want too - I think I'm going to print this picture of the lady fishing: I didn't talk to her she was muttering to herself, squatting right on the water's edge smoking; her car was near by and the the trunk was open.

On the plus side: Yesterday didn't feel like Monday and today doesn't feel like Tuesday. It might be all the heavy duty road construction taking place, things feel different.

The Pretenders - Don't get me wrong

thanks4thevid alejandrocarlos08

Monday, May 7, 2012

* [...]

Being Boring

4:41 I guess vuvuvuvuvuvuvuvuuvuvuvuvuvuvuv thanks Pacboy2004


thanks DirectorGeuns

4:38 still chewing wondering about this Sebastian track (good for eating sandwich - thinking about it kind of thing...)

4:36 I better hooray vs hurray had to look up

4:34 Eating a mostly peanut butter w/ almond butter and fresh blueberry sandwich.

SebastiAn - Greel

thanks MikalMeteor

4:23 Negatives will be dry by 5:00 so a quick bite 2-1/2 hours before going swimming and then maybe I can get my darkroom ready and make a contact print before I head off to the pool; scan when I get back, they'll be dry.

4:22 I'm wearing the blue bow tie w/ a white t-shirt - it kinda works for me, with a jacket, that would be less stuffy then full collar - hmmm the right kinda function etc.

1:13 One last cup of coffee: last shots on roll: self portrait close-up mirror shot thing, Tuxedo jacket my friend Langley gave me a few weeks ago, found my bow ties not that I really wear them (I've got to air them out - I realized), I think I just like looking at them, I should have taken a picture - ah cell phone pic;) I better get hoppin' if I'm going to develop and then make prints...getting stuff to develop now.

12:41 PM a quick lunch: corn tortillas, avocado w/ a bit of salt, forgot the lime. 9 more shots to finish this roll - random pictures; b&w hopefully I've got all the chemicals.

The Durutti Pet Shop Column - Never Being Boring Is An Abstract Of Expression [Objetmix]

thanks 4 video objet

Sunday, May 6, 2012

(\___/) ( - . - ) o_(")(")

12:41 PM a quick lunch: corn tortillas, avocado w/ a bit of salt, forgot the lime. 9 more shots to finish this roll - random pictures; b&w hopefully I've got all the chemicals.

1:13 One last cup of coffee: last shots on roll: self portrait close-up mirror shot thing, Tuxedo jacket my friend Langley gave me a few weeks ago, found my bow ties not that I really wear them (I've got to air them out - I realized), I think I just like looking at them, I should have taken a picture - ah cell phone pic;) I better get hoppin' if I'm going to develop and then make prints...getting stuff to develop now.

Sleepy Baby Bunny

thanks aftertherainrabbitry

Tempted but I avoided the coffee this time around;)got a cup-o-noodle instead at a gas station convenience store... I cut my hair, feels better it was getting rather ratty - I should pop into the shower and get the sand out of my hair - in fact I will:]

Then maybe I'll finish watching this documentary of M. Night Shyamalan, the Johny Depp part is great, he kinda ripps M. Night a bit - you know, that director The Sixth Sense (I've actually never seen the whole thing)... I better take that shower now, because I'm falling, falling asleep;)

Wile E. Coyote

thanks for the vid modestos1991


Thursday, May 3, 2012



9:08 AM updated

girls night w/o maple donuts

girl nags "we oughta make donuts"

girl naps while other makes donuts

The Police - Man in a Suitcase

thanks thesmallaxe5


X: I like the ladies voice on the P.A. system, it's nostalgic reminds me of traveling

O: Yeah, me too, is she saying "attention attention..." ? - train station, sounds echo-ee, I think that's what makes it sound nostalgic. Could this be in Italy?

O: O: O: Weren't you looking for that song, when they mention Firenza in the winter?

["O" is looking at "X", trying to think of that song, tip-of-the-tongue expression]

X: Yeah, you mean this isn't it? I thought it was.

X: O come on, I count on you for this type of thing...

X: This is silly, it's getting late

O: Your the one who wanted to play this game; your "crazy way" of planning our trips - [X: smile kind of drops thinking O was getting mad] Oh come on, I put up with you all the time [exasperated] you know I love you [rolling eyes] let's find that song and go to bed.

X: Aae, Bee, CEE [memory remembering trick A = apple, aardvark sigh etc...]

O: I got it already - [makes exasperated sound] pfff... o.k. let's play the letter is "F"

[X: is thinking...]

O: [rolling eyes] come on - feathers!

[X: gets a mischievous look in eyes, thinking "O" wants to play "that" game "feathers"...]

O: no, come on, I've got a head ache...sorry that was vague - I should have said B - bird...

{Midnight: scheduled power outage - road construction}

X: [suddenly impatient attitude] Just tell me already!

O: [glaring. on her back laying in bed staring at ceiling, she quickly turns to her side and pulls the blanket up covering the side of her face] Uh! your snapping at me!? - just cause I said I have a head ache, [slightly muffled from under the blanket] I do now, you blew it...)

X: [sulks, slips head phones on and turns off light]

the police - canary in a coalmine thanks flexiblepeanuts

O: [snaps] turn it down

X: [waits too long to respond - seems contrived now - sheepishly] thanks for the donuts

{FYI: I thought it was earlier:) I was lifting weights after dinner (which I never do) I always procrastinate when it comes to other forms of exercise other then swimming; I have a "heavy bag" boxing thing too (recent) - I'm so vain, trying to look pretty;) - I need to start using conditioner or start brushing my hair (chlorine doesn't help and my hair has always been straight, oily and thin (attractive sounding huh? actually the chlorine helps with that, it tends to dry and bleach out your hair) I've never been able to "comb it"), or something because I'm getting those pillow-dreads. P.S. not receding but thin on top (thanks mom), I think I can pull-off that slicked back look (not all the time) because thats what I do at the pool... In my Speedos: I should start smoking, or carry a pack and the financial times (pink) or weeks old Italian paper (pink) and do that oily tanning thing - I should lift more weights, so I can pull that off good;) Also, maybe some obviously-masculine tattoos, cause I was comparing with one of the lifeguards, (I was explaining) he was giving me that "ok?" look - we achieved some kind of parity, when he admitted it was the name of an ex-girlfriend on his left wrist. Oh and he had "831" on his ring finger - area code - eight letters, three words, one person.}